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Improved brand identity with a website that reflects TheSteelPrinters professionalism

Having a website is part of your brand. If you're a new company looking to establish a brand identity and gain a foothold in the industry, then you need to get it right. That's where Avidly came into the picture. Find out how we helped them dramatically improve their brand identity, increase conversions and provide a better UX for their visitors. 

About TheSteelPrinters

TheSteelPrinters is an innovative producer of machine parts for heavy industry manufacturers. What they do differently is to produce ordinarily expensive and/or extremely intricate machine parts using 3D metal printing.

Forged from the R&D departments of two of the biggest steel manufacturers in Europe, they came to us as a new company looking to establish their brand identity and gain a foothold in the industry through inbound marketing… But, first, a new website.

“The final result of our website was fantastic and the inbound campaign aligned perfectly with it.”


Bjorn Madsen -


Starting point


Despite the large levels investment from their parent companies and the big-ticket price of their services, TheSteelPrinters had a small in-house marketing team: it was just Bjorn.

This resulted in:

• A website not befitting their cutting-edge technology and large scale capability of their end-to-end 3D steel part design and production

• And the company being positioned well below the level of scale and professionalism demanded by customers

• As well as suffering from an inability to produce and publish content at the speed and scale to raise brand awareness enough to meet ambitious growth targets

What we did 


Avidly worked closely with Bjorn and his CEO to produce a website strategy that countered all of the above challenges and was in-tune with their upcoming inbound marketing campaigns (also devised by Avidly).

Besides an inbound-centric page strategy, the website included content, design and development on the HubSpot CMS.

This took the resource pressure away from Bjorn who only had to have involvement at key project touch points.


The Results

Websites are such an important asset for a company and shouldn't be neglected. Since going live, TheSteelPrinters have seen some amazing results, but the most important thing is that it delivered on the key goals. 

TheSteelPrinters are seeing huge benefits as a result of an improved brand identity, improved UX and by having multiple conversion points, they find out who the website's visitors are. 


Dramatically improved brand identity


Improved UX and value proposition


Many more conversion points throughout the site

Wishing your website properly represented your brand?

You can work with our award-winning team who specialise in building HubSpot CMS websites. Besides having an inbound and conversion focused strategy - they also truly reflect the high-level of quality your company provides to your own customers.

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