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Svensk Byggtjänst

Setting the standard on complex HubSpot Enterprise implementations and strategy

From a complex stack of separate technology solutions to a centralised HubSpot Enterprise account managing over 250,000 contacts and 100 daily user requests. Svensk Byggtjänst and Avidly HubSpot Solutions have set the standard on complex HubSpot Enterprise implementations.

The background


This is the story of a complex HubSpot integration to sit alongside some legacy systems.

Svensk Byggtjänst is where the invaluable expertise of the entire civil engineering sector comes together. Their publication, the reference work AMA, and an array of construction-related services, information, and literature, serve as a comprehensive resource for industry professionals across Sweden.

They were suffering from all the typical problems that a stack of disparate marketing, sales and customer service tools brings.

The company decided that it was time to centralise data into a single source of truth and integrate any tools that needed to remain.




Multiple systems to be reduced and integrated

Svensk Byggtjänst brings standardisation to the Swedish construction industry, but their technologies and software were far from standard.

Marketing, Sales and Customer Service were each using their own preferred tools, often with overlapping functionality, and working in different ways with different processes.

Data in siloes needing a single source of truth

As a result, multiple tools meant multiple sources of truth and wasted spend. Not only on software costs but lost time and efficiency managing all said data.

Decisions were being made slowly, or with incomplete or incorrect data. This was hampering growth of the company.

Complex customer journeys to be simplified for all involved

The way sales were handled was often overly complicated for the customers themselves and also involved too much manual labour for the Svensk Byggtjänst team.

For their suitable services, Svensk Byggtjänst needed an e-commerce point of sale. This required to be managed through their website's CMS and e-commerce platform, and then fed into their new centralised CRM inside HubSpot.

Before users became customers, however, they entered the Svensk Byggtjänst database from a wide range of sources: 12 in total. From the typical examples such as website forms and via an Outlook email integration, to people using the Learning Management System and even directly from the company's ERP.

Breaking down siloes

“Our vision of what we had to do was clear, but we would not have reached our goal without a partner like Avidly.”

Russell Bragg Respect_(Green)_overlay

André Winger, Digital Marketing & E-commerce Manager Svensk Byggtjänst AB


In simple terms, HubSpot was installed as the central source of truth for Svensk Byggtjänst. Together, we've completed:

As well as having both CMS Hub (now Content Hub) and Operations Hub Enterprise ready to deploy.

Achieving this involved the Avidly team diving deep into Svensk Byggtjänst's current setup.  They uncovered their true challenges and pinpointed what they were trying actually to achieve.... Then designed and implemented the solution.

The project followed this structure:

  • A 4-day long workshop was held, facilitated by the Swedish Avidly HubSpot Solutions team
  • The team then created a draft architectural plan for Svensk Byggtjänst's technology and HubSpot integration
  • The solution and project plan for achieving it (complete with precise deliverables, timelines and milestones) was agreed and delivered.

The solution was then built by Avidly's team in close collaboration with Svensk Byggtjänst.

A great example of the close collaboration was the Avidly team and Svensk Byggtjänst's assigned developers working in close harmony, with assigned responsibilities and close communication, right down to shared standup meetings.

Results & Impact

Cecilia Arwin med marknad


HubSpot in action at Svensk Byggtjänst

Svensk Byggtjänst were left with clear ownership of data and systems for their Marketing, Sales and Customer Service streams. Cecilia Arwin, Head of Marketing & Sales, Svensk Byggtjänst AB, explains,

'Aligning data with process, and process with the organizational need is tricky. Especially if you are transitioning from a traditional set-up, with marketing and sales and customer support as two separate organizational units, to one united go-to-market function.

'Avidly has proven that the Hubspot solution not only made this possible but also demonstrated that we can empower the new organization with state-of-the-art functionality and the ability to easily integrate to applications of the future.

'After all, by leveraging the best CRM technology, we now can turn customer insights into action, ensuring sustained growth and success.'

This was done by having a thorough architecture and strategy implemented around HubSpot by Avidly - and their team fully adopting the platform.

Here is the full summary of technology changes:

  • HubSpot Marketing Hub replaced Marketo
  • HubSpot CRM replaced SuperOffice CRM
  • HubSpot Sales Hub replaced a suite of spreadsheets and siloed solutions
  • HubSpot Service Hub replaced SuperOffice
  • Optimizely eCommerce was integrated with HubSpot
  • HubSpot was integrated through Snowflake and Weld using HubSpot Custom Objects to sync all customer updates, subscriptions and user licenses to the client's ERP
Marketing Hub:

The 10-strong marketing team at Svensk Byggtjänst now uses HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise for their inbound marketing.

This allows them to use AI-powered marketing tools to work efficiently and consistently even though, at the time of writing, their website still sits on an external CMS.

Sales Hub:

The sales leaders and their team of 20 salespeople now use Sales Hub for end-to-end management of the sales pipeline.

This means they finally have an up-to-date and reliable pipeline. Plus, this will only get more reliable as the AI-powered Smart CRM starts forecasting and doing the admin work involved in sales and frees the team up to do more meaningful, effective human-led work.

Service Hub:

The customer service team now uses Service Hub to manage 100 customer tickets per day. HubSpot's intuitive design means that the team enjoy using the tool and are creating happier customers as a result.

With a Smart CRM at the centre

All three of these teams serving the prospects and customers of Svensk Byggtjänst are now continually informing the same Smart CRM at the same time.

The data is finally live and reliable. When keeping customers happy and subscribed, utilising consistent, reliably data is absolutely key.

Tommy Hurtig, CIO Svensk Byggtjänst AB, said,

'With the world class help of Avidly we have moved from an old disjoint setup of a variety of software solutions to a central customer focused system with Hubspot... Hubspot lives up to its name by giving us the central hub for all things customer related information.'

Do you have multiple sources of truth and a complex tech stack you'd like to reduce?

See how HubSpot can replace or sit alongside existing solutions at your enterprise. Get an idea of what it would cost in this guide:

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