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Case Techstep

A mobile-first HubSpot website focused on conversion

A transformed HubSpot website led to +314% new visitors and a +75% Session to Contact rate.

About Techstep

Techstep helps companies and organizations take advantage of mobile technology. Techstep, with offices in Norway and Sweden, positions itself as a leading player in the mobile workplace delivery field in the Nordics. Combining hardware, software and packaged services, they help customers improve their working day for more than 665,000 employees in 4,000 organizations across the Nordic region.

With a new website,, Techstep wants to strengthen its position as a thought leader in the mobile services and solutions field.



Starting point

Our vision of a renewed brand

Avidly's mission was to transform the website from a static page with information in “black and white” to a conversion-optimized marketing machine. The overall vision was to create an exceptional user experience and make it easier for both current and potential customers to get closer to “growing the mobile workplace space together with us and our services”. Techstep wanted a website that breathes inbound and a design that fulfils both the function and the feeling of a company that focuses on value for the visitor.

One of the challenges of the web project was to define and prioritize Techstep's services. We had to concretize and highlight the business’s core meaning, value to the customer and the types of solutions to challenges their service provides.

Goals for the new site

  • Clarify Techstep's message and offer
  • Provide customers with answers to questions and strengthen trust in Techstep as a partner and supplier
  • Increase organic traffic
  • Gain consistency in digital channels and reduce unnecessary administration and duplication of work

“Avidly's ability to listen and transform our wishes into actual creative solutions has really helped us reach another level in web and digital marketing.”

Russell Bragg Respect_(Green)_overlay

Pär Andersson, Digital Communication Manager, Techstep

What we did 

A tomorrowbound brand image


As always, we started with a workshop together with the customer, to set a solid foundation for strategy. During the strategy creation process, we worked, among other things, on target group analysis and produced a "wish list" of functions and elements the ideal website should contain. The list then serves as a basis for further work, assisting in creating a hierarchical order which ensures the points providing the most value to customers are prioritized first.

One of the goals was to simplify navigation, which was solved by a new structure/sitemap and by highlighting priority inputs in the main menu. All pages are SEO-adapted and the blog was highlighted for increased traffic as part of the structure.

In the design work, we strived to maintain a clean layout but with improvements in UX and design, where graphic elements would breathe "mobility". We also wanted to make it easier for the visitor to understand what Techstep does through a clearer overview of services and additional services. To improve the conversion rate, we worked with distinct CTAs, customized for the target group.

Since Techstep has offices in both Sweden and Norway, we enlisted the help of Avidly's Norwegian colleagues for translation and design.

The Results


Techstep got a new, user-friendly website with a large focus on mobility. One of the main goals with the new website was to increase conversions, which we did by adding more conversion points and call-ta-action buttons customised to their target audience. 

Here are some stats after the new website launched: 
  • Session to contact rate +75%
  • +314% new visitors
  • +418% top 10 ranked keywords

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