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AX Track

A new website & visual identity to stay ahead for AX Track

AX Track continues to track ahead of automotive competitors with its 99.1% recovery rate.

Business overview

AX Track, part of the trusted AX Group, has over 90 years of combined experience in vehicle recovery. With its innovative vehicle tracking solutions, AX Track provides businesses and individuals with the greatest chance of vehicle recovery following theft.

With an average 24-hour turnaround time and 99.1% recovery rate, it’s clear why AX Track is the obvious choice for those with vehicles susceptible to theft. 

As well as working directly with customers, AX Track also sells its covert devices to dealerships as the perfect aftersales solution for those purchasing vehicles.

I can’t imagine working without Avidly, the team are so knowledgeable and always provide us with innovative advice.”

John Pickering -

The challenge

Previously, AX Track’s website featured a continuously rolling homepage that presented no user navigation opportunity. The copy was minimal, with an outdated tone of voice and wasn’t suited for the sector. The client said the branding felt flat with no differentiating features and colours.

Additionally, the only route for possible conversion was via a third-party eCommerce platform that only enabled individual unit orders of AX Track products. The website lacked the ability to facilitate B2B consultations or requests to join the growing network of AX Track referrers. 

Overall, the website lacked content, with nothing along the lines of educational guides or brand-strengthening videos present. There were no personal touches or journey for AX Track prospects to embark on. Behind the scenes, there was no nurturing or lead scoring in place and the sales team had to work with limited resources that weren’t bespoke to the different audiences.

The solution

We worked alongside AX Track to develop a new visual brand identity by evolving the existing brand to include a more vibrant colour scheme. We also reworked the brand’s chevron to give it a more contemporary feel and this is now used throughout the site for purposes such as image framing and directing user attention. 

“We looked at the current website and visual identity and wanted to make some improvements to help them stand out from their competitors and also help give them all the tools moving forward to create modern-looking, consistent marketing materials.

“We made small changes to the logo from a visual standpoint including removing a secondary chevron from the K in track and removing the extra grey shades that were used. For the visual identity, we also introduced a more modern font that fits better in the marketplace and used the chevron as a key part of the identity to add interest and house images.

“We tweaked the colour palette to include a new teal call to action colour and also slightly changed the blue shades to work better as a full suite of colours.

“The website journey was improved to include more videos and micro animation throughout and the consistent call to actions created a better user journey.”
 — Dave Entwistle, Principal Designer at Avidly HubSpot Solutions

We scoped a launchpad website to give AX Track the start of a user journey and conversion tracking. We ensured the website was functional across all devices and showcased the team videos we created as part of their first inbound campaign. The pages on the website, the structure and the overall design were carefully curated following discussions with the client about their aspiration for a service-first approach.


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The overall delivery time from strategy to launch was three months. This included custom development work such as a price consultation form for handling B2B, B2C and B2B2C journeys.

"Our challenge was that we wanted to create a contact form with a smart, in-depth user journey with multiple outcomes tailored to the user’s needs. But we also wanted this form to only show fields that were relevant to the current stage of the user’s journey, to prevent frustration and an overly-long form taking up too much space on the page.

“To achieve this, we used the power of HubSpot’s ‘dependent fields’ settings, to set fields to render conditionally according to what the user input in other fields. This got us halfway there, but some of these dependent fields needed to be nested within other dependent fields, which is not possible within HubSpot at the time of writing.

“So, we coded a custom solution to take us the rest of the way, effectively recreating HubSpot’s dependent field functionality with JavaScript to create a smooth and seamless user experience."
— Tom Hammersley, Developer at Avidly HubSpot Solutions 

We launched the website alongside an inbound campaign which showcased AX Track’s new branding, current recovery statistics and more. We worked alongside our Projects team to ensure all of these projects were aligned and would launch on the same date, creating the most significant impact possible.

“AX needs to see clear timelines for their work to be able to manage expectations internally, so we presented a video of key dates and deliverables and worked closely with the client to hit these.” 
— Caroline Faulkner, Retainer Delivery Manager at Avidly HubSpot Solutions

This was just the start. 

We followed up by providing the AX Track team with a long-term strategy handover while they requested that we move our efforts to a different division of the business. With this scenario, AX Track can now use internal resources to maintain success following their step-by-step plan. We’re also creating a full sales toolkit for the AX Track sales team to confidently handle the new influx of leads as a result of this work.   

“We wanted to give AX Track a modern, versatile visual identity that positioned them as real forward thinkers in their market. We created a new toolset for them, including a new, fresh colour palette, unique typeface and adaptable brand shape that will help them create distinctive marketing media for many years to come. 

“They were a pleasure to work with and bought into our approach to get them to where they wanted to be.” 
— Dave Entwistle, Principal Designer at Avidly HubSpot Solutions


Blog: We saw a huge increase in traffic, with one blog, in particular, jumping from 296 views to 1076 in just one month; a staggering 263.5% increase in views.  

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Social media: We had to launch the social presence of AX Track from scratch and underwent a complete social rebrand. This yielded impressive results, with a several thousand % increase in impressions, engagements and clicks.

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SEO: While the majority of our work in SEO focused on the AX Track subdomain, we also conducted technical fixes for the entire website, improving the overall site health from 84% to 94% over the campaign.

We gained 10 backlinks and maintained an Authority Score of 31, with a low overall toxicity score, with 89.8% non-toxic. We also wrote a guest blog for the website Finally, we wrote a press release for AX Track about their industry-leading recovery rate, which has been published on their website and syndicated through PR channels.

If you’re looking to secure the same, amazing results as AX Track and propel your business to the next level, reach out today and see how we can help.

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