Pexip got a massive lead boost with new HubSpot website.

Type: Integrated marketing
Client: Pexip
Deliverables: Web Design, Web Development, Inbound marketing, HubSpot
The impact
189% increase in organic traffic in the first six months and 25% more sales qualified leads.

Avidly helped the Norwegian software company Pexip build their new HubSpot website based on user data. This has resulted in an 189% increase in organic traffic in the first six months and 25% more sales qualified leads.



Pexip launch 2

The Case

Pexip provides enterprise video conferencing technology to the government, healthcare, education, and finance sectors globally. At the beginning of 2019, Pexip merged with cloud video conferencing service provider Videxio. As part of the merger, the new Pexip went from running two separate brands and two separate websites to undergo a visual rebrand and build a new website.

“Both companies had built traditional websites in the previous year, and even though you think the bulk of the work is building a website for launch, you quickly realise that a website project is never really done,“ explains Tom Banks, Digital Marketing Manager at Pexip.

“We spent a lot of time and money building website pages and functionalities that didn’t always work as intended, or weren’t necessary. So this time around, we wanted a website design that allowed us to make changes after the website went live and we could see how people were actually using it.”


The Insight

A website built
on user data.

Pexip’s old website was running on Wordpress, while the old Videxio website was custom built on Craft CMS and used HubSpot for marketing automation.

As both companies wanted to add more flexibility in terms of building new pages and functionalities, they chose to relaunch the new website in HubSpot CMS and use HubSpot as the CRM system and marketing automation platform.

Growth-Driven Design, also known as GDD, allowed Avidly to quickly build Pexip’s launch pad website, serving as a foundation for continuous improvement based on data-driven decisions.

“With GDD, people often think a launch pad website is not complete, but it’s not like we launched a website that was half-finished. We launched a fully formed website in June which we have been improving since,” says Tom Banks.

“How your users interact with your website today is not necessarily the way they interact in six months. So it’s important to be agile if we don’t want to be stuck in a website design from two years ago.”

Tom Banks, Digital Marketing Manager, Pexip


Massive boost in leads and website performance.

“On the old Pexip website, the conversion usually hovered just under 1%, while Videxio usually hovered between 1.5 and 2 %. This figure has gone up on the new website, which runs at about 2.5 % most of the time,” Tom Banks explains.

When comparing the six months prior to launch to the six months since Pexip launched the new site, the company has seen all on-page performance metrics improve strongly.

“Our total page views increased 137% over the period, bounce rate went down 20%, our average session duration increased 77% and our organic traffic grew by an impressive 189%. We have seen a very positive effect on leads over the same period, with an increase of 25% in sales qualified leads from the website. The feedback from the inside sales team has also been that the quality of the leads has kept improving,” he points out.

Pexip launch

Lower cost than traditional website projects.

In addition to publishing a launch pad website in a fraction of the time of a traditional website design, GDD also provided Pexip with more cost accountability.

“If you run over budget when you build a traditional website, you have the choice of having a half build website or putting more money into it to finish the project,” Tom Banks mentions.

“On our last website project, we didn’t have the developers on a retainer. When we found out we needed more work done, we had to go through the process of finding more time and budget,” he explains and adds:

“The GDD project ran cheaper because it was very structured and organised how we spent our money as part of a retainer.”


The Results

  • 25% increase in sales qualified leads
  • 189% increase in organic traffic
  • 137% increase in page views
  • 77% increase in average session duration
  • 20% decrease in bounce rate

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