Globally VELUX focuses on lead generation with HubSpot.

Type: Integrated marketing
Client: Velux
Deliverables: Strategy, Inbound marketing, HubSpot Implementation & Training
The impact
Implementing a large-scale investment in lead generation with HubSpot

The Danish window manufacturer, VELUX Group, is in the process of implementing a large-scale investment in lead generation with HubSpot. Avidly has helped develop the overall strategy and implementation of HubSpot along with training of the employees to ensure buy-in across the global organization.

The case

The road to lead generation.

The goal of the project is to change the traditional product-based marketing effort to be more customer oriented; to focus on problem solving and answering questions that potential customers have, which should pave the way for the choice of VELUX as a supplier.

The global project of lead generation has been launched following the experience of a successful pilot project in Italy.

”The Italian project was promising and showed us how effective lead generation can be,” project manager, Julien Rouschmeyer explains, ”and the implementation is considered one of VELUX’ most important strategic actions in marketing”.

The Insight

Support in all aspects.

Avidly was initially chosen to help customize VELUX's existing content, so it became more targeted to their audience and was ready to be translated and edited to the various markets around the world.

However, it was clear that there was a need for more support on the content part and advice in relation to the rollout of HubSpot and the project as a whole.

”We don’t have the competencies nor the resources to fulfill our high ambitions,” Julien Rouschmeyer, explains as the reason to choose Avidly to both help with the overall strategy and the daily work of implementing HubSpot and bringing campaigns to life.

“We don’t have the competencies nor the resources to fulfill our high ambitions.”

Julien Rouschmeyer, Project Manager, VELUX Group


From buy-in to strategy at large.

Avidly's experience from projects with similar and quite different companies come into play – including specific tasks such as getting buy-in from the smaller local departments and the goal of implementing change in the company's overall marketing efforts and understanding of sales.

At the same time, Avidly has been given the opportunity to assist the local marketing departments by teaching them the practical use of HubSpot and lead generation in Spain, Germany and Belgium.


Strong skills in the right place.

Julien Rouschmeyer explains that VELUX has chosen to draw on Avidly’s knowledge and skills, but that the goal in the long run is to be able to drive the project in-house.

”We would like to insource, but we are not quite there yet," he says, pointing to a central challenge with a project of this type in a global company such as VELUX Group:

“In an organization of this size, there are many interests, and it can be difficult to manage all of these when major changes are introduced. Therefore, there is a lot of work to get buy-in from the various stakeholders, so that everyone works towards a common goal,” and here too VELUX has used Avidly by adding a manager from the agency in the project's internal steering committee.


The Results

- According to Julien Rouschmeyer, this has proven valuable both at the operational and the strategic level.

- "It's about adding the right skills at the right levels. We must avoid people making decisions without the necessary knowledge - it would only cause us problems.

- With Avidly as a partner we get a high level of competence, and it is necessary to ensure that the project becomes successful," he says.


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