Find your inner writer and get started with content marketing.

To achieve success  with your content, you need to have a solid content strategy and a manageable plan. To help you get started, we provide access to a template for publishing calendar and content workshop, as well as a checklist for search engine optimized content.

Content is important in marketing - both when it comes to attract traffic to the website and help prospects through the purchase by answering their questions. Content marketing is the heart of inbound marketing that pumps all of the other features into action.

However, to achieve success with your content, you do not only have to write, you also need a strategy and a content plan. Therefore, we help you throughout the content process:

  • How to define who you are going to write for, and how their buyers journey look like
  • How to get content ideas and how to structure them
  • What to keep in mind for writing content that ranks high in search engines

We know that starting from scratch can be difficult. That is why we are giving you access to a publishing calendar template and a presentation you can use in the content workshop to highlight the best ideas. And hey, relax! We have also made an SEO checklist for your content to take over the top searches in search engines.

So why should you download it?

  • It is free!
  • You will learn how to define your customers buyers journey and identify your audience
  • You will get a presentation to content workshop and a publishing calendar template

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