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Join us for a packed day of learning with industry leaders and unlock the power of people in your business...


  • Thursday 5th October 2023
  • 10:00am - 4:00pm
  • Holmes Mill, Clitheroe, UK
  • AND it's free!

Unlock the power of people at LOVE INBOUND

Harness people's potential

This event’s your chance to make sure you absolutely nail your goals for the rest of 2023 and into 2024. Understand the best strategies. See all the latest tactics. Hear top tips from true experts.

Learn from 7 expert talks

It’s the perfect opportunity to fine-tune and learn more about business growth and all the best tools to aid that growth. Bring your queries, questions and challenges, and you can get them solved with the help of HubSpot, marketing, sales and service experts.

All in one day

For one day, a collection of international experts will be presenting on one stage, at a totally free event. There will also be the option for demonstrations and 1:1 chats with the Avidly team, winners of HubSpot Global Partner of the Year since 2019.

What is LOVE

So many experts share podcasts, newsletters, tutorials, eBooks and whatever else... that your reading list grows and grows.

But finding the time to get stuck into all these learnings is too hard. So LOVE INBOUND is putting as many experts as possible in one place for you to dedicate the day to becoming better at your job.

This is a totally FREE event. Expert speakers will fill you with all the latest business growth tactics to help you scale for success. You’ll be left energised and hungry to help you and your business grow.

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"Brilliant event! The whole event was so well organised and the speakers were fantastic, I really enjoyed it. I will certainly be along next year! P.S. The food was also amazing!"

Katy Morris, Empine Group - previous LOVE INBOUND attendee

LOVE INBOUND 2023 Agenda

Here's what 5th October 2023 looks like at LOVE INBOUND...

09:30 - 10:00Arrival

You can arrive from 9.30am ready for a 10am start. Get yourself a drink and find a seat, you're in for a great day of learning. 

10:00 - 10:15Welcome & Housekeeping

Mark Byrne will kickstart the event: A member of Avidly's C-Suite and accomplished public speaker with an expert business brain, he's the perfect host.

10:15 - 10:50"Marie Kondo" Your Business - Ingunn Bjøru

Running a business should be about just that: running the business. Far too much time is spent looking for documents, templates, presentations, frameworks etc.

Learn practical tips on how to apply Marie Kondo's organising tips to your business, freeing up time to focus on what matters. Using automation, digital tools and structure to build operations that spark joy! 

10:50 - 11:25Creating a Community for Your Brand - Danny Denhard

In a world where you can see every keyword your competitors bid on, receive their bland push notifications and read every email they ever send and even copy every product feature you update, what's the next big growth lever to pull


Find out why the smartest operators and savvy businesses will build out a connected community, not just one and done customers.

11:25 - 12:00How HubSpot Powers People - Naila Basit

HubSpot's Senior Marketing Manager for UK&I explains how HubSpot powers people to be their best.

12:00 - 13:00 LUNCH BREAK

Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch?

Take a break from learning and dive into our totally free burger bar right on site.

13:00 - 13:45People Power Businesses - Luke Staton

Luke Staton returns to remind us all about the importance of our people and why they can help to shape your business and drive growth.

13:45 - 14:20Pigeon holes are for pigeons - Andrew Boulton

Pigeon holes are for pigeons - why only learning copywriting from copywriters is a bad idea

Copywriters, creatives and marketers could learn better ways to do their job from just about anywhere and anyone. So why are so many of us so reluctant to explore other fields and see what ideas and methods would work brilliantly in our own world? Be less pigeon, be more magpie. 

14:20 - 14:40BREAK

Quick refreshment break before the final two talks.

14:40 - 15:15Couples Therapy: Sales vs Marketing - Nana Grace Kwapong

If you have ever been in a smarketing (or a joint sales and marketing meeting), then you might remember it being like a kid watching their parents fight on the brink of divorce. With the right tools, RevOps can transform them into something that is much more pleasant. Revops professionals can become a therapist counselling them back from the brink of ruin. Let's go on that journey and see how that can happen.

15:15 - 15:50Empowering Your Business via Automation - Melanie Bohulu

Melanie, Associate Inbound Professor from HubSpot, will be sharing hands-on, practical knowledge on how to use automation to empower people in your business and unlock growth.

15:50 - 16:00EVENT CLOSES

And it's time to network, have a catch up and reflect on the day.


LOVE INBOUND was 10/10

We've been using Avidly for almost a year now in a variety of services and have been blown away by them as an agency partner. I wanted to specifically call out how great I think their Love Inbound event was that I just attended. The day was crafted perfectly with a great venue and setup. The lineup of speakers was so insightful and fun with a great mix of motivational speakers and experts in a variety of inbound areas. We traveled up from London and it was more than worth it and will definitely be attending next year. It was the perfect marketing event to get the creative ideas flowing again and take impactful information back to our teams.
Lauren Heaton at Circus Street

Meet the speakers

A free event with expert speakers will fill you with all the latest business growth tactics to help you scale for success.
You’ll be left energised and hungry in just one day to help you and your business grow.

So many experts share podcasts, newsletters, tutorials, eBooks and whatever else, that your reading list grows
and grows. But finding the time to get stuck into all these learnings is too hard. So LOVE INBOUND is putting as many
experts as possible in one place for you to dedicate the day to becoming better at your job.

More speakers coming soon.

Ingunn Bjøru
COO at Avidly
With nearly a decade of experience in operations, and as the current COO of Avidly, Ingunn has hands-on experience with organising, structuring and implementing operational smoothness. From building her own agency, to running a company across 7 countries, she knows both how to simplify and scale up to reach your goals.
Danny Denhard
Marketing & Growth Coach

Danny has over two decades of experience helping to operationalise and grow businesses of all sizes. Danny has led Product, Growth and Marketing Departments, helping household names and challenger brands grow and connect with customers' hearts and minds.

Danny is now an advisor, consultant and Marketing and Growth Coach, helping Marketing Leaders build trust, and confidence and improving their performance and department's culture.

Melanie Bohulu
Associate Inbound Professor
Mélanie has been an Inbound Professor since 2021 and her aim is to help produce educational content on HubSpot, as well as on the Inbound approach to marketing, sales and services for HubSpot users in order to help them grow.  
A globetrotter and apprentice journalist turned educator, she gained experience in France and then Spain before settling in the UK.
Naila Basit
Senior Marketing Manager at HubSpot
Meet Naila, the Revenue Marketing lead for UKI at HubSpot. With nearly a decade of experience in B2B SaaS marketing, Naila excels at defining strategies and implementing tactical plans to generate valuable pipelines. But her expertise doesn't stop there.

Naila is also a passionate advocate for workplaces that nurture a positive culture and inclusivity. She understands how powerful a positive company culture can be in unlocking the potential of employees and ensuring their success.

When she's not busy at work, Naila has a weakness for cake. You can often find her enjoying, cooking, or even just thinking about delicious food.

Luke Staton
Motivational Speaker & Coach

I dedicate my life to inspiring others to achieve their greatness.

My passion is firmly in helping people go from where they are now, to where they want to be. I focus on motivating and inspiring people to find their personal identity, passions and purpose.

Andrew Boulton
Copywriting Author & Lecturer

Andrew Boulton is the author of bestselling copywriting book ‘Copywriting Is… 30 or so thoughts on thinking like a copywriter. He’s currently Head of Copy at Amplience and has taught copywriting and creative writing at the University of Lincoln.

Nana Grace Kwapong
Senior RevOps Specialist at Avidly
Having led HubSpot implementations across Marketing, Sales and Service hubs and alignment sesions for several clients, Nana Grace Kwapong often finds herself playing therapist and advocate to ensure the voices of all stakeholders are present and accounted for. These experiences have armed her with a toolkit she will be sharing with you. Nana Grace works as Senior RevOps Specialist at Avidly Agency in the Scandic Studio.

Look back at some of our previous year’s talks


What should I expect?

It’s a resource-packed and information-filled day, but with plenty of downtime too. Kind of like a smaller version of the big INBOUND conference in Boston, but without the 7-hour flight and jetlag when you get home.

All the expert speakers and our own team are all available throughout the day for specific questions and guidance.

Once the afternoon talks are over, it’s time for some food, drinks and entertainment. A chance to unwind, network.

The crowd is made up of sales and marketing people, like you, who want to achieve better results and grow their business.

Are there multiple talks?

Yep. We're working hard to finalise the full agenda and that will be confirmed nearer the time but there’s a full day of consecutive talks on a single stage with rest breaks throughout the day.

The topics are guaranteed to help you grow and the speakers are guaranteed to be experts in their field.

Who runs it?

Avidly host the event from their UK HQ. We’re the HubSpot Partner of the Year 4 years in a row and we’ve been running the Manchester HubSpot User Group, every quarter, for years. We wanted to do something bigger and better. That’s why we decided to launch LOVE INBOUND back in 2019 and we've been running this annually since.

Why do we do it?

We’re passionate about learning. It’s a core value at our company. We want to offer the ultimate learning experience for our staff, our clients and our network.

So, we wanted to open the experience up to in-house sales and marketers who are eager to learn too. The whole day is about coming together to learn new strategies, meet like-minded people and see the latest tactics to improve results.

Are all the tickets free?

Yep. We have only one ticket-type and it includes full access to everything.

Can I order multiple tickets?

Absolutely. If we can ask a favour, please do only order tickets for people you’re sure will attend.

Otherwise, we’ll end up with loads of wasted food and some other people might miss out as we’re capping tickets at 200.

Can I bring a guest?

Of course! All we ask is that you both register in advance so that we know how many people to cater for.

Will there be places to do a bit of work or make calls?

Yes. Our office is at the same location and will have rooms or open spaces available for working. The main room where the talks take place will be a call-free zone, however.

Is there any parking?

On-site parking is limited and the rules of this car park are enforced by the venue owners. Thankfully, there are two nearby pay-and-display car parks and free street parking in the surrounding area.

Is there a train station nearby?

Yep, Clitheroe Interchange and it’s served regularly by trains from main local hub stations Manchester Victoria and Preston, as well as local train lines.

Is the venue easy to reach by car?

Of course. It’s about 15 minutes from the M6, just off the A59, in Clitheroe.

Is there a hotel nearby?

There certainly is. In fact, there’s a hotel at the venue.