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Are HubSpot WordPress forms a thing?

Yes, HubSpot WordPress forms are a thing. 

HubSpot and WordPress are powerful CRM tools. You might already be very familiar with both, or like many marketers, you might have created your website on WordPress but now use HubSpot for marketing. This can cause problems as the two platforms don’t always play nice.

For example, a WordPress form doesn’t necessarily pull vital data into HubSpot for you to analyse. There's a simple solution — you can embed a HubSpot form in WordPress. Here’s how to do that. 


Embedding a simple HubSpot form

  1. Install HubSpot All-In-One Marketing - Forms, Popups, Live Chat WordPress Plugin
  2. Add and activate plugin: Go to Plugins > Add New then click Install Now on your plugin. Then click Activate Plugin
  3. Create a form in HubSpot: Go to Marketing > Lead Capture > Forms, then Create Form
  4. Change form fields: Select Field in form preview and edit
  5. Customise HubSpot form: Go to Options and customise your form settings
  6. Preview form: Click Style & Preview to review what it looks like
  7. Embed and publish form: Go to HubSpot > Forms > Copy shortcode then paste the shortcode into a WordPress page

Simple as that.

You’ve successfully embedded a simple HubSpot form into one of your WordPress pages and the resulting data will pull through as intended. This is perfect for simple use cases if you aren't too worried about formatting or advanced functionality. 

If you’re looking for more flexibility and want to ensure users have the best possible experience on your site, then a multi-step form might be more up your street. 

A multi-step form is a longer form that gets broken down into different steps to make it less intimidating to users. An excellent example of this would be an embedded survey that loads a new question when the previous has been answered, rather than having every question listed in full on the page. 


Are multi-step forms that much better?

Multi-step forms are 59.2% more successful at increasing conversions than their single-step forms. They guarantee a far smoother experience for those using them. Fewer frustrated users equals more completed forms, potential prospects and valuable data for you to use.

Many marketers prefer the multi-step forms because of the flexibility they offer. With the plugin, it’s easy to customise the look and feel of the form to suit the demographic you’re attempting to target. 

Once you’re happy with your form, there’s no need to create a new one in the future. The plugin, which is available below, allows you to reuse forms that have been successful in the past. 


How to install the HubSpot multi-step form WordPress plugin

Installation and setup is super easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Download your plugin by clicking the download button
  2. Do NOT unzip the file; wordpress needs it zipped up to install 
  3. Open your website, and navigate to Plugins
  4. Click Add New
  5. Click Upload Plugin
  6. Select your file name:
  7. Click Install Now

And you’re done. 

By now, you're probably raring to get stuck in. If you’re interested, check out the HubSpot WordPress Form Plugin by clicking the button below.