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Why use a HubSpot Form WordPress Plugin?

2 mins read

Online forms can be lengthy, complex and lacking in a good user experience. This means the visitors to your site are less likely to complete them, resulting in a real blow to your data collection efforts and potential conversion rates. The thing that makes it more frustrating is if you're a WordPress user with a site on WordPress but you're using HubSpot for your marketing or CRM. So what's the solution?

The only way to combat these obstacles is to utilise a HubSpot Form WordPress Plugin. This kind of plugin boosts your submission rates by breaking down long forms into simple steps, improving the user experience on your page, and delighting your website visitors. It's also a double whammy of innovation, as it is both:

  1. A HubSpot form WordPress plugin
  2. A multi-step HubSpot form

It’s the perfect kind of plugin for things like registration forms, surveys and forms that include multiple sections. So why use it?

Why use a HubSpot Form WordPress Plugin?

The main reason we think you’d want to use this plugin is to boost your results. With a more enjoyable user experience comes better engagement. People are more likely to use these forms, tying their data into your HubSpot platform. 

There are quite a few ways of embedding HubSpot forms on WordPress sites. There’s the Gutenberg Editor, the Classic Editor (which takes a little more time than the former) and also through creating standalone form pages or embedding form code.

However, we think that using this HubSpot Form WordPress Plugin saves the most time by far. 

But that’s not the only reason you should use it. 

Plugins like this help because they automatically sync the form and therefore, the inputted data, to your HubSpot CRM. This means contacts can be easily managed and automatically segmented. It’s the beginning of a unified timeline of contact management. 

As the key thing marketers look for is relevant prospect data, forms like these represent a huge opportunity. Even if you’re operating on WordPress, the data collected there will be transferred to your HubSpot CRM for you to follow up on.

We’ve also developed it to be a multi-step form… so what even is that?

What's a multi-step form?

Imagine a really long form that takes an age to fill out. You might get three-quarters of the way through an encounter some sort of error that completely puts you off completing it. Multi-step forms are the solution.

Essentially, they break up long forms into more manageable sections. Customers fill out the forms in smaller chunks so that they can:

  1. Have better visibility over the sections they’ve completed and what data they’ve given
  2. Enjoy a much-improved user experience

Multi-step forms have been found to be more successful at increasing conversions than their single-step counterparts. 59.2% more successful to be exact. Overall, multi-step forms guarantee a far smoother experience for those using them, meaning you’re more likely to gain completed forms and collected data, which leads those prospects further down the sales pipeline.

Still asking why you should use it? Check out these benefits.

The benefits of a HubSpot Form WordPress Plugin

This plugin has been designed to cut the complexity of forms, even lengthy ones. Its value is found in its flexibility, reusability and simplicity. I’ll explain in further detail:


This plugin is easy to edit. The editor provides complete control over the look and feel of a multi-step form. You can match your brand perfectly with no need for expert knowledge. 

HubSpot's form editor is flexible with plenty of custom options

There’s no need to mess around with either fields or fonts as these are all automated. For a quick and easy build, this out-of-box solution is your best bet. 


Not only is it flexible, but you can also use this plugin time and time again. 

The HubSpot plugin is reusable so forms can be reused whenever you need them

The HubSpot Form WordPress Plugin allows you to create a multi-step form for any landing page, service or product you have. Each of these can be made unique, meaning your visitors are never experiencing the same type of form. 


When it comes to using any web interface, growth platform or company website, simplicity is key. For those sites using WordPress, this plugin is short code-enabled, meaning it can be placed in any WordPress site. 

Like everything HubSpot, the multi-step form is simple to use and easy to adopt

But how do you do this? Simply copy and paste the short code into your page editor to display your form on any WordPress page.

At this point, you may be thinking, “Sure, this sounds great - but is it difficult to install?” Not at all. 

How to install the HubSpot Form WordPress Plugin

Installation and setup couldn’t be simpler. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Download your plugin by clicking the download button
  2. Do not unzip the file, WordPress needs it zipped up to install 
  3. Open your website, and navigate to Plugins
  4. Click Add New
  5. Click Upload Plugin
  6. Select your file name:
  7. Click Install Now

There you have it! Couldn’t be easier. 

If you’re interested, check out the HubSpot WordPress Form Plugin by clicking the button below.