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9 benefits of using Snapchat for marketing

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Ready to feel old? It’s been 10 years since Snapchat found its way to millions of phones. Although some social media apps end up suffering from a slow, painful death (I’m looking at you MySpace and Vine), Snapchat has stood the test of time  - even with TikTok bursting onto the scene.

Going from 127 users in 2011 (when it was known as Picaboo) to turning down a $3 billion offer from everyone’s favourite entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg, the app continues to be a go-to for many brands and their marketing strategies.

When you aren’t knee-deep in the Vogue Noir and Neon Horn filters, Snapchat is a great marketing tool for marketers looking to reach millennials and Gen Z’ers. Here are some valuable benefits of using Snapchat for marketing and examples of how big-name brands use the app.

  1. Drive traffic
  2. Boost engagement
  3. Build brand awareness
  4. Connect with a younger demographic and attract new followers
  5. Influence purchases
  6. Offer another way to consume content
  7. It shows you’re human
  8. Build trust
  9. Prove you’re one of the cool kids

1. Drive traffic

Snaps are designed to have a short lifespan. You receive an image or video, you click on it and after a few seconds, poof - it’s gone. Although it might seem a bit counterproductive, it can actually help drive traffic. Making snaps that are meant to disappear creates a sense of urgency to them - your audience doesn’t want to miss them. 

Use them to add personalisation, highlight special offers and showcase fun events and you’re well on your way to driving traffic towards your brand.

2. Boost engagement

This is perfect for marketers who are hosting events, want to showcase their company culture or use them in an integrated campaign.

Snapchat offers on-demand geofilters, which means you can create custom filters people can use. Whether it’s attendees or company employees, people can take pictures using your filter and post anywhere they want, boosting engagement.

Tweet: According to Oberlo, Snapchat has over 265 million daily active users worldwide and is the most-used platform among those aged 12 to 24.


Snapchat has over 265 million daily active users worldwide and is the most-used platform among those aged 12 to 24.

With the average daily user opening the Snapchat camera more than 20 times per day, you’re in with a great chance of being noticed.

3. Build brand awareness

Plenty of big-name brands use Snapchat to promote their business because it’s a proven method. Whether it’s through humorous ads, unmissable filters or engaging stories, using Snapchat can help you reach a huge audience - especially since the app has over 265 million daily active users.


Bacardi produced a lens experience that reached over 2.5 million Snapchatters throughout the 10-week campaign. They also used Snap Ads and Commercials to create horizontal videos to promote their slogan in each scene, resulting in a 24% share rate to promote the brand image.



Subway used animated emojis in their Stories with close-ups of their new sandwich to raise awareness with a younger demographic. By doing this, they managed to increase their reach by 25.2%.


Taco Bell

Taco Bell ran the most successful campaign in Snapchat history. The Cinco de Mayo lens turned users’ heads into a massive taco shell. Pretty simple, right? But it resulted in more than 224 million views in one day.

4. Connect with a younger demographic and attract new followers

Obviously, this depends on your industry and audience (so it’s a good idea to do research first and map out your buyer personas). But if you’re looking to connect with people under the age of 35, Snapchat is the place to be.

82% of all Snapchat users fit this demographic and as they spend around 30 minutes per day using it, you should have no trouble reaching the right people.

5. Influence purchases

Snapchat users are likely to discover new businesses when they aren’t busy sending their mates a selfie using the strangest filter they’ve come across. The app is also designed to connect users with brands using the ‘Discover’ icon, meaning they can see content created by brands using Snapchat for marketing.

Studies show Snapchatters are spending 35% more time in the Discover section every day and 60% are more likely to make an impulsive purchase. This can be a goldmine for your marketing efforts.

6. Offer another way to consume content

Blogs, eBooks, LinkedIn posts, videos - you probably already have a variety of ways you create content for your users. Chances are your competition is doing the same. Why not elevate your content and social media marketing efforts by creating even more engaging content through Snapchat?

With features like drawing over Snaps, adding music and polls, you can make your content stand out. Check out what National Geographic do on social media below. They create Stories by compiling Snaps and encourage Snapchat users to click-through to the website and read more once the Story is complete.

national geographic social media

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7. It shows you’re human

Marketers don’t exactly have an amazing reputation among customers but you can use Snapchat to show you’re human, not just folks who are aggressively trying to help your sales team close more deals. With Snapchat, you can show your followers and audience that you’re more than a business - you’re people.

It gives you a chance to put your brand’s personality in the spotlight. If people relate with your Snaps, they’ll be more engaged. And when they’re engaged, they’re more likely to buy.

Cisco has done a great job of this, using Snapchat to showcase their company culture and the humans behind the brand. Since the launch, millions of people have viewed their Stories with an average completion rate of 60-70%.

8. Build trust

Uploading content on Snapchat isn’t the only way to engage with your audience. It gives your followers a chance to reply and send you direct messages. But unlike other platforms, only you and the person messaging you can see if you’re responding, meaning it’s easy for you to just blank them.

That’s not a great idea. Use Snapchat to offer personal responses to make followers feel special. 68% of customers say they stop using a particular brand because they don’t think the company cares about them. Show them you do by not ignoring their messages and that you care about what they have to say.

9. Prove you’re one of the cool kids

Any potential customer wants to know you’re using the latest development in your industry as it shows you’re a leader, not someone that gets left behind. They want innovation. Step into their shoes for a second. If you went on a website and it looked like it belonged in the 90s, wouldn’t you feel like the business is also outdated?

The way your company acts and looks has a powerful influence on a person’s impression of your business. Sure, TikTok is all the rage right now, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect Snapchat. It shows potential customers you’re up-to-date with trends and a modern business they should buy from or work with.

Snapchat needs to be in your marketing arsenal starting today. 63% of Snapchat users visit the app daily, 49% visit it several times a day and based on overall mobile usage, the app is in second place worldwide out of every other app.

It shows how much marketing has and continues to evolve. From content and email marketing, we’re now looking to apps like Snapchat and TikTok to reach even wider audiences. Inbound marketing shows no signs of slowing down either, so we decided to outline just how much inbound marketing has evolved.

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