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Why you should collaborate with an agency that is a HubSpot Partner

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Today, there are a number of agencies that work within inbound marketing and sales, so how do you know which ones keep their promises and which ones you should stay away from? If you plan to implement the inbound methodology, you should choose to collaborate with an agency that’s a HubSpot partner – and here’s why.

Just as a single man can’t build an entire city on his own, neither can a single person in the company implement the inbound marketing methodology and achieve good results alone. Marketing as a whole requires more resources within each area of expertise.

There are many threads to be assembled in one nest, and therefore it may often be helpful to get some help from someone who works with this every single day and possess the right knowledge and experience. But why should you choose to collaborate with a HubSpot partner?

4 reasons why you should work with a HubSpot partner

HubSpot's Partner Program is designed to recognise the partners that deliver high-quality inbound marketing services. By looking at the various partner agencies' so-called monthly recurring revenue (MRR) that is achieved and managed, HubSpot can measure the success of various agencies.

The MRR is based on the number of clients the agency has brought to HubSpot and the number of HubSpot clients the agency manages over time.

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Being a HubSpot partner is, therefore, a great quality mark and there are several benefits of working with a partner agency that you can take advantage of:

1) You gain insight into the knowledge and expertise they have, both regarding the inbound methodology and HubSpot as a software

Collaboration with a HubSpot partner will not only provide you with expert assistance for your inbound effort, you can also learn a lot of skills, tips and tricks you might not be able to acquire on your own.

You can also be sure that the agency you’re working with has only one goal: That your business succeeds in inbound marketing. The better results your company achieve, the more value the agency will get out of the collaboration– and the greater your chance of building a solid and good partnership that brings good results will be.

By working with a partner agency you pay for their help in HubSpot and with the inbound strategy. They will also teach you the tricks they have in their sleeve so that you’ll eventually be able to build inbound campaigns on your own. 


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Most agencies also use other tools to get the best results, such as Databox and Hotjar. Investing in them can be expensive and it takes time and resources to learn it. However, if you collaborate with an agency that already knows these tools, you also get access to the tools without having to invest time nor money. 


2) HubSpot partners have direct contact with HubSpot's internal resources

No matter how long an agency has existed or how good the resources they have at their disposal are, there’ll always be challenges and issues your contacts in the agency can’t answer. This is one of the clear advantages of working with a HubSpot partner agency: they can easily get help from internal resources at HubSpot.

Do you have a technical problem you can’t find a solution for, but you don’t have time to sit in queue to wait for an answer? Working with an agency that’s a HubSpot partner means direct contact with HubSpot's people, thus providing you with an answer or solution faster – which will save you both headaches and frustrating phone calls.

Partners of HubSpot also have access to a variety of training programs and materials that help them become experts in the HubSpot platform, and can therefore often help you solve a problem without having to involve HubSpot's customer service at all.

3) They can help you make the most of your HubSpot account

HubSpot is a relatively complex software that most businesses can take advantage of – if they know what opportunities are available and how to make the most of their account.

An agency that’s a HubSpot partner will help you get the most out of your account from day one. This will save you both time, money and resources so you can focus on implementing measures that can help you attract more leads and convert these to customers.

A HubSpot partner will also be knowledgeable about what works best for different businesses based on factors such as size and industry and can help you choose where to focus your investment.

4) Partners often get access to new features and products in HubSpot before they become open to everyone

This means that the agency is often an expert on new functionalities already before most people have gotten the chance to use them, which will benefit you. Not only can they help you because they've already spent the time to learn it, they can also help you make the most out of the features.

Finally: partner agencies have a good overview of when HubSpot releases new products, functionalities or updates of the software – and can advise you to invest at the right times, thus saving you money.


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