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HubSpot Website Design Impact Award WINNER: Custom-built but easy to manage: a HubSpot CMS case study

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Fulfilmentcrowd offers end-to-end order fulfilment to growing online retailers in EMEA and North America. They’re based in the UK and provide storage, order fulfilment and shipping services to all types of eCommerce retailers.

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We delivered an inbound-focused website on the HubSpot CMS (alongside a Marketing Hub setup and some inbound strategy work).

Highlight summary

  • Custom-built price calculator qualifies hundreds of customer leads and informs individual contact records for the sales team
  • Modular build style and development training sessions with the client means they can roll out more sites themselves
  • Website contacts increased by 2,411% as the fulfilmentcrowd marketing team was empowered to do better marketing


The challenge

In terms of having people in the building, fulfilmentcrowd weren’t short on numbers. They had an experienced marketing and branding team that looked after their CMS.

But they spent too much of their time managing a heavy, custom-built CMS to run their marketing efforts and spent any other free time pulling data together from disparate sources.

This meant marketing success was judged on a combination of gut feel and top-level metrics like spend vs sales opportunities booked.

Hardly the most modern way of working for an industry-leading player who has won awards for how their management system helps Shopify e-tailers.

It left their sales team pretty much in the dark in terms of prospect insights and the marketing team not knowing which specifics of their efforts were actually bringing results.

Katie Shepherd, Brand Manager at fulfilmentcrowd, said the challenge was “a lack of transparency. 

“Pulling data from our system was so difficult. [But] we needed to be able to see who our conversions were. We needed to be able to understand them so we could market to them better and so we could help the sales team.

“And so that we could get more quality leads.”

This was because fulfilmentcrowd needed to grow its international offering to hit its growth goals.

The solution

First and foremost, we used our inbound expertise to shape the fulfilmentcrowd marketing strategy and website plan. We then set up their HubSpot Marketing Hub to inform them of as much detail as possible about how their marketing and website were performing.

We also built their HubSpot website to quickly update, manage and create more pages on the fly.

With some tailored training sessions, we even got the team to the place where they could roll out their own future websites for new territories.

Thanks to the HubSpot platform, Katie and her team could make the most of features like A/B testing “really easily” and build personalised experiences with smart content. She said,

“[We’re] using smart content across the website to see what works best for our customers. We can do it by sector because we’ve got that information. We know if they’re a health and beauty customer we can make our titles or our case studies more defined to that person.”

We also custom-built a pricing calculator, the biggest conversion and lead qualification tool on their website.

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The results

Website contacts have increased exponentially. 54 contacts came through the website in Q4 2020, but that number’s grown to 1,356 in Q4 2021 — and we’re only in early December.

This gives us the confidence that our plan to build an inbound, conversion-optimised website worked.

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Also, the quarter-on-quarter growth throughout 2021 has suggested the training we delivered to Katie and her team has meant the website hasn’t remained static. They’ve been able to fine-tune and develop the site further.

This has increased new website visitor sessions per quarter by 3,298% in just nine months, going from 834 to 28,345 from Q1 to Q3 in 2021.

The more Katie’s team have learned about the site, the better they’ve got it to perform. They get insights on user behaviour and website performance in the form of HubSpot reports and dashboards.

We built:

  • Bespoke reports and dashboards to give top-level stakeholders the oversight of performance across their websites in six international markets
  • Informative reports to give Katie and her team feedback on marketing assets and website performance (so they could get smarter with their output)
  • Lead lifecycle and deal attribution reports to better connect the fulfilmentcrowd marketing and sales teams

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The impact

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Beyond the conversion and revenue results, the website has brought, what’s most pleasing to hear is how delighted the fulfilmentcrowd team are.

“It allows the marketing team to work on the things they’re good at, the creative things,” said Katie, instead of getting bogged down in tracking down data or updating custom-coded web pages. “Anyone in the company can now make a change if they need to,” said Katie.

And just having the intuitive dashboard presenting data to them has been a big improvement. The way all the data is set up to be organised means “the sales team loves the contact records.”

And this is despite what Katie says would be an “overwhelming” amount of contacts coming in through the website, “but the way HubSpot has been built makes it manageable.”

This insight is now informing the marketing team’s budget and resource allocation decisions. And “the project was delivered on time and on budget,” with our client saying she felt like we were “a little add-on to the marketing team.”

Which has left us all pretty delighted.

This blog post was submitted for a HubSpot Impact Award under the Website Design category and was the quarterly winner for Q4 2021.


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