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Creative genius Bilal Padia and 'The Butcher' Raza Kazi battle it out in this week's episode of the Design vs podcast, as we debate the quote: 

"Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it's decoration."



Are we more attracted to meaningful content, such as in the case of reading a good book? Or, are we swayed by the visual design of items, such as the beauty of a designer shoe, admiring its aesthetic over its brand name or product copy? 

Hit the play button above to watch this week's episode and watch the guys battle it out.

Spoiler alert! Ultimately, we never figure it out. 

Masters of their disciplines, Bilal and Raza agree to disagree — although we settle on content being slightly harder to produce as it can rarely be templated in the way that design can. Plus, there's this thing called grammar. 

If you want to listen on the go, click play below to tune in on SoundCloud.


We do, however: 

  • Explore the all-important relationship between content and design
  • Discuss our shared struggles
  • Share the creative processes in both design and content
  • Endure some quick-fire questions
  • Have a heated debate about Superman vs The Hulk 

In perhaps one of the tensest episodes of any D22 podcast, we show how design and content work together to create forward-thinking, future-proof assets that help clients succeed. 

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