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13 Different Jobs Available When Working at a Digital Agency

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In order for digital agencies to be as efficient and successful as possible, they need the different departments and roles to be firing on all cylinders. There are many teams in a digital agency, each with its own important role to play in pulling their own weight to get things over the line.

From PPC to Content Marketers, each role is different but most of them dovetail and work together in some overlapping ways. If you like the idea of working in a digital agency, but you’re not too sure of the specific roles required to make the business a full, working machine, then this post will outline the various different roles and responsibilities that you’ll find in a typical digital marketing agency.


We’ll cover:

Content Marketers

As a Content Marketer, you’re responsible for the creation and curation of engaging content that will be sent to the client. Whether that’s blogs or downloadable content, such as eBooks, all-in-one guides or pillar pages too. You’re also responsible for researching new client products and industries and creating style guides and content audits for the team to base their content on.

There’s also the strategy and analysis side to things too. For instance, creating blog titles for upcoming campaigns, tracking blogs to see what worked and what didn’t.

Video Marketers

A Video Marketer within a digital marketing agency is responsible for producing innovative and informative video content based on a brief from the various different clients. You’ll work closely with the different departments including design, web development, content and social, being part of the creative process and suggesting various ideas.

Your role is to create content which complements and supports current marketing campaigns by attending shoots at client bases, but making sure that it’s all within the budget.


Inbound Marketers

Inbound Marketers work closely with Inbound Strategists, with tasks such as writing and building e-shots, workflow emails, landing page copy, pop-up forms, scheduling blogs and creating segments into lists within Marketing Automation platforms. Marketers also aid the Strategists with building items like lead scores to qualify a contact as a particular lifecycle, plus creating form fields too. 

Inbound Strategists

Inbound Strategists are mainly responsible for curating and ongoing optimisation of 90-day inbound marketing campaigns whilst making for a smooth set-up and handover post-sale for new clients.

Each Inbound Strategist will have their own set of clients that they’re allocated to look after. It’s their responsibility that the content in an upcoming campaign reflects that client’s outlined wants and needs.

PPC Marketers

PPC Marketers will manage PPC for the agency’s different clients on various platforms including Google Adwords, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Facebook Ads. It’s their role to evaluate each channel and landing page to provide solutions for increasing performance.

PPC Marketer is a hands-on role that requires you to provide support to your team members and clients in areas that might not always be specifically about PPC.


SEO Marketers

As an SEO marketer, it will be your role to ensure an increase in traffic and bolster leads for our clients. On a day to day basis, it’d be normal to find yourself carrying out keyword research, on-page optimisation, compiling client reports, understanding and limiting technical issues and working as part of a wider inbound team.


A lot of people are led to believe that Designers are just the department that polish everything off and make things look pretty. Well, that’s just one of their roles. Design teams work closely with clients and the content department to make sure that the client is always pleased with the work produced. Ultimately, the engaging content should look slick and makes people want to read and download it.


Web Developers

As a Web Developer in a digital marketing agency, you’d find yourself providing support to the wider development department and helping develop engaging websites for each client. Other work includes liaising with clients, updating and maintaining HubSpot and assisting the continual development of current websites for clients.

Social Media Marketers

Social media sits within the inbound team and works closely alongside Inbound Strategists to create unique and engaging content for all the different social channels. These channels will also be used to drive high numbers of traffic towards the content that the agency is creating, for example, blogs.

Analysis is a key part of a social media role as it’s evolving all the time. What works today, may be out of fashion tomorrow and it’s your job to realise and rectify this.


Client Communications

The Client Comms team are responsible for managing the relationship with the agency’s clients, being their single point of contact and working with the internal team to produce quality work that helps drive results for clients. They’re also responsible for creating and managing all projects, ensuring tasks are completed on time in line with various campaign plans.

Human Resources

Where would any business be without a Human Resources department overlooking things and making sure that everybody is safe and happy at all times? The day to day management of the office and organising all the key business and social dates are just a few of their main responsibilities.


By using sales enablement best practices, the sales team are responsible for constantly reaching out to new clients. Winning new clients ensures that the business has a constant stream of more work, which in turn helps aid growth and development of the business.


Finance and Accounts

The men and women in control of the money. What comes in and what goes out has to go through them and be signed off. Whether it’s clients paying for their monthly retainer or employee wages, this department looks after it all.

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