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How will the new Apple iOS 14 update impact paid advertising on Facebook/Instagram?

The Apple iOS 14 update was going to be being rolled out from the week of the 26th April 2021, however, this date has been pushed back for the time being according to Search Engine Land.


It’s not too soon to start preparing! This update is predicted to have a huge impact on all paid advertising on the Facebook platforms. All because of the new way to opt-in...

Why’s this an issue for advertisers on the platform?

Historically, when you downloaded the Facebook app users would automatically be opted-in to data sharing with the app. The new iOS 14 update will now require users to opt-in when they open their app. Fundamentally, this is going to impact tracking, with a high percentage of users expected not to allow the Facebook app to track them.

Advertisers who do the following will be impacted:
  • Ad campaigns that use conversion goals such as lead, purchase, etc
  • Report/track conversion data through pixels
  • Advertise on mobile apps

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Showing the value of Facebook campaigns is certainly going to be a challenge. it's going to become all the more important to clue up or enlist experts who know what they're doing.

So... what can advertisers do?

Although the potential impact is still uncertain at this point, there are some things you can be doing about it in the meantime to prepare:

  1. Utilise first-party data to create specifically targeted audiences. This will help you by creating hyper-specific audiences, helping create more efficient campaigns to combat the impact for their broader counterparts.

  2. If you're using App Events API & Facebook SDK, plan to implement conversions schema for App Events Optimisation, Events & Mobile App Install with Value Optimisation campaigns & Automated App Ads. This should aid in creating personalised ads delivered to iOS 14 users.

  3. Verify your domain in Facebook Business Manager. This will help to avoid any additional disruption in the future regarding your website campaigns.

Take note of what's mentioned above and watch this space, new updates will be rolling in regularly. We’re all in the same boat and everyone is going to be testing different strategies to find workarounds.

If you need some guidance, we have a team of experts on hand to give some advice and share some knowledge regarding the latest update. Marketer to marketer.