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Digital 22 wins The Video Master award from Vidyard

Can't lie. Given the competition, I wasn't sure heading into this one. We were finalists alongside the likes of LinkedIn, Experian and Unbounce. Companies with much bigger teams and much bigger video budgets than ours.

But Vidyard have only gone and given us the coveted Video Mastery Award at the 2020 Video in Business Awards.

I guess it shows that it's not what you do, it's the way that you do it. They've said some very complimentary things about how we go about our business. It's made a few of us blush, to be honest.

What is The Video Mastery Award?

It's the headline award at Vidyard's annual Video in Business award ceremony. It's for the year's 'ultimate video-enabled business that uses video to transform how they market, sell, communicate and collaborate.'

Why did Digital 22 win it?


The criteria for this award is to show best use of video across your entire business. Which is what we've done for the past 2-3 years.

From marketing all the way through to client management - we use video in all communication internally and externally.

We describe it as going 'video first.' Videos for:

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Recruitment and Inductions
  • Account management and Reporting
  • Meeting prep and instead of lengthy emails.

Videos are a habit across the company.

With the mandatory WFH-sitch in 2020, it meant we had a running start at communicating whilst suddenly-remote from each other. We could just pick-up our laptops at home-time one day and carry on where we left off the next.

But we sharpened our video-first ways further. The benefits of using video are huge, they've transformed our business:

  • Doubled our website traffic
  • Increased website form submissions by 63% across the board
  • Upped our Price Guide submission rate by 10%
  • Shortened sales cycles and upped nurturing email open rates
  • Had the same effect on recruitment and slashed our time-to-hire
  • Increased internal productivity - for example, our Leadership Team quarterly meeting agenda was cut by half
  • Influenced north of £3MILLION in closed revenue (the one that really feels good)
  • And internal communication improved thanks to the reduction in video calls and long-winded emails or Slack chats, which led to an eNPS score of +63

What next? We want to help you get the same benefits

We wholeheartedly believe in this video-first approach to running a business. We think it can transform how you run marketing, sales, recruitment, internal comms and client management.

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