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INBOUND INFLUENCERS: How easy is it to get started with video?

In early 2019, we chose to become an official Vidyard partner. When we saw the back-end analytics that Vidyard’s integration with HubSpot offered, it was an absolute no-brainer. Another no-brainer was making sure we got the ultimate onboarding experience from Vidyard themselves so that we can get the most out of the tool for our clients.

So, a few guys came over all the way from Canada to our office for the week. Of course, we got them on a podcast...


Here’s Rob Sale, Senior Strategic Alliance Manager at Vidyard, chatting to Mark about just how easy it is to get started with video.

In this podcast, you’ll hear, first-hand, a load of examples of just how vital it is to start using video in your sales and marketing efforts. More importantly, if you’re looking to get some internal approval or sign-off for video budgets

Rob also talks about what’s happening throughout the rest of 2019 at Vidyard. In particular, he talks about how marketers can take advantage of the “Netflix-binging” habit that exists in everybody’s personal lives and use this in B2B marketing content.

Once you’ve listened to this episode, check out the follow-up podcast with Marija Ilic, our Implementation Manager at Vidyard, who talks about how to actually get started, how important videos is in the contemporary sales process and shares loads of tips to help you do more effective video.


Step up your content game with Video

Video can transform your whole business. From marketing to sales and recruitment, video has the power to revolutionise how you communicate, build rapport and so much more.

To see how you can include video in your business, check out the link below.

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