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7 Benefits Of Having Your Website Illustrations Hand Drawn

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If we had things our way, the whole world would just be one, enormous, hand-drawn illustration and we'd all be animated characters, living and working within it. Yes, being a cartoon character really is the dream for all of us who work here. But less about us. You're here to find out about the benefits of hand drawn illustrations, so let's get to it. Here are the benefits of having your website illustrations hand drawn:

 D22 header people drawing

1. Promotes Creativity

Putting pen or pencil to paper is infinitely quicker than sketching ideas out digitally. As a result, this makes the creative juices flow more readily. Like the sprung valve of a fire hydrant on the inner-city streets of an American movie, ideas shoot out and drench the page. While your hand is taking control and completing one idea, the process is so ingrained that your brain is already formulating the next idea.

Everybody has been sketching out their ideas onto paper, ever since they were first handed a crayon as a toddler. From your point of view, this means that you can get the most creative and original appearance on your new website, because hand-drawn graphics and illustrations are being used. 

Callum sketching

2. Removes The Digital Influence

Drawing by hand is so natural, it doesn't need to be thought about. Even designers, like ourselves, who use electronic design software everyday, still have to (albeit almost subconsciously) think about the software and hardware they are using.

Every time this happens, it detracts, even if only slightly, from the mental capacity to think creatively. For this reason, hand drawn illustrations are a much more creative choice than going completely digital.

Don't misunderstand us though; we are massive fans of digital technology.

We use digital technology to sharpen our details, control colour palettes and make things crystal clear for web and print publishing. Everything we do ends up digital, so that it looks as perfect as possible.

3. Digital Tools Are Approximations

Another drawback to relying on digital technology as the base point of your website illustrations is that all digital tools are approximations. Even when sketching with the latest tools, the software is trying to read the pressure you are exerting and translate this into what it thinks you want it to do.

When sketching illustrations, this leaves the illustrator battling the tools, compensating for their behaviour and understanding as much as they are trying to be creative, whilst achieving the look the client wants.

When it comes to the post-edit, you can be beyond-pinpoint precise when tidying up, but what effect does this have on overall appearance? What if you want the hand-drawn feel? You need someone who uses the traditional method of pencil, paper and pens. 


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4. Pencil, Paper and Pens Are Quicker

As alluded to in the first point, it's quicker to sketch using pens, pencil and paper. The process is instinctive and promotes ideas and experimentation. Drafting ideas digitally takes time. Even opening the right programme and establishing the document takes time compared to picking up a pencil.

This principal applies to every single step of the process; executing keyboard commands, plugging in or activating hardware needed to sketch, saving elements, creating layers... We could've hand-drawn four ideas by the time all of that is done!

Pens for graphic design

5. Stands Out

Back to the finished product, it stands out as something unique. A hand-drawn illustration always stands out because it leaves an impression on the visitor.

Maybe it's the links to how our childhood books were illustrated. Maybe it's the psychological appeal created by the suggestion that the illustrations on screen have been drawn by a real person and this makes your business seem more "real".

talegate website design

I don't know, exactly. It's probably a mix of these reasons and many others. Whatever the reason, hand-drawn illustrations will always stand out amongst a web of stock graphics, art photography and flat design logos.

6. Shows Dedication

Hand-drawn illustrations on a website show real dedication. They take skill, time and effort. It's not just a stock image bought and downloaded, or a selection of free to use icons and fonts.

child employment graphic design

It shows that the owner of the website has put in the dedication to spend the time (or paid someone specialised) to create something hand-drawn and special. This is great for marketing as it suggests that you show the same dedication and care towards your customers and clients. 

7. More Personal

There's a shortening of the gap between visitor and business owner, because the website feels more real and human, thanks to the illustrations being hand drawn. This builds trust.

This building of trust should then result in visitors being more willing to listen to your message, allowing your website to bring you improved results.

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