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INBOUND INFLUENCERS: How important video is for sales (and loads of tips) with Maria Ilic

Another week, another podcast. This time, we’ve got a 20-minute show with a video expert from Vidyard, Marija Ilic. Whilst she was here training our team, Mark sat down with her to chat through how important video is in the modern-day sales process and got about 200 tips on how to succeed at video. Check it out now.


If you’re still unsure just how important it is to have video in your content ecosystem, in particular during the sales phase, then you’ll find some of Marija’s stats and tips eye-opening. I know we all did.

If you’re already sold on using video in your sales process but your boss isn’t, then you might wanna take some of what’s discussed and use it right in your next budget-pitch. There are loads of simple little tips she shares with you too.

Marija brought over a few people from Vidyard to help with training all our team and whatnot. The day before this was recorded, we sat down with Vidyard bigwig, Rob Sale, to talk about just how easy it is to get started with video (and why you definitely should).

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