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5 Of The Best Kickstarter Campaigns For Marketing Professionals

Kickstarter campaigns offer new inventions the perfect chance to find funding and lift off. As marketing professionals, we love new gadgets. So, we've found some of the best kickstarter campaigns for marketers...

Rocketbook Wave: Cloud Connected Microwavable Notebook

Ever wished you could write notes in your notebook and then they would magically be transferred into the Cloud. Well, that dream is finally a reality, thanks to The Rocketbook Wave!
This smart notebook works like a normal notebook but once you've finished writing your notes, you then use your smart phone to transport your notes to the cloud area of your choice. 
You have 80 pages to write in, however when you've run out of paper, you don't need to throw it away. Simply put it in the microwave and the ink disappears.
Check out the cool demonstration video:  

Designer upload app - where creative minds come together

If you enjoy designing in your free time or you work as a designer, then the Designer Upload app could be the perfect platform for you to upload your talent and find a buyer. 

This is a new kickstarter campaign but the idea sounds promising. 


Charging Chair: The Beach Chair That Charges Your Smartphone 

charging phone


Being a marketing professional is a very busy occupation. You're expected to check up on your emails regularly. And that means your smartphone is permanently attached to you.

One Kickstarter campaign has released a beach chair that charges your smartphone. So, you can go outside and enjoy the summer, without having to worry about your phone running out of juice.  Quite a smart idea for busy marketers! 

Teplo: The Smart Bottle for Tea Lovers

There's always smart, new gadgets for coffee lovers, but what gadgets are there for tea lovers? 

With Teplo, you can control the brewing temperature of your tea via your app. After you've brewed your drink, you can activate a preferred temperature that will keep your tea warm so it doesn't get cold.  


Here's how it works! 

Monument: The world's smartest photo storage and management device

Monument is an intelligent photo storage device that automatically organises your photos by locations, faces, time and what's happening in the picture.  

monument photo sharing

You can access your photos from your mobile, your tablet or your smart television.  For work or for home, Monument is an intelligent way to store and access your images.

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These kickstarter campaigns show how gadgets are continuing to change and evolve. You need to keep in the loop to stay ahead of the times.

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