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What is HubSpot Doing About Data Security?

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When it comes to choosing your marketing automation software, you want to be absolutely sure it can keep up with all the capabilities that you need it to. But, what might not be at the forefront of your mind (although it should be) is how it protects your data and all of your content.

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After all, your content is the foundation of your business’ success so you’re going to want to keep everything safe from hackers, viruses and anything else that can potentially harm your work. So, as one of the most popular marketing automation software out there, what’s HubSpot doing about data security?

We’ll cover:

Resilience and Availability

You can rely on HubSpot to safely store your data every time. Keeping your files and work safe is a huge passion for them. Customer data is 100 percent backed up and secured by online replicas and various other backups too. You can be confident that HubSpot will be able to recover your data from exactly where you left off should anything bad happen.

HubSpot are available 24/7 to cater to all of your security needs. Operations teams are constantly monitoring the software and application behaviour so that they can step in and correct anything that’s looking out of place.

If there’s ever anything that’s going to impact the way that your customers see your communications, HubSpot is great at informing you with updates on the status site and direct communications too. You’ll never be left in the dark and can then gauge how long it’s expected that your systems are going to be down.

Application Security

Through advanced technologies and a structured monitoring system that includes a high-quality firewall, HubSpot works hard to prevent attacks. You can rest easy knowing that your business’ data is always going to be safe in the hands of HubSpot’s Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS).

Best practices are implemented across all of HubSpot’s daily code pushes. This means that if there are any problems, hundreds of bug fixes, new features and resiliency improvements will help resolve any problems seamlessly.

Plus, sessions between you and your portal are always protected with top-quality encryption which ensures maximum security. 

Data Centre Protections

A lot of businesses wonder whether physical security protections are in place to protect their data. Well, with HubSpot, you can be confident that world-leading data centre providers are the ones hosting your sessions. The access to these centres is strictly controlled and monitored by security staff, video surveillance and tight access control.

The extent of this data centre protection should flood you with confidence that only the right people will be working on your account who should be.

Plus, anybody who isn’t granted access won't be able to see your crucial data, which rules out any chance of theft.

Software Security

Like the emergency services, HubSpot is straight on the case should any problems arise. Their streamlined approach to application delivery allows them to react quickly as new threats are identified. Firewalls, routing, intrusion prevention and behaviour analytics are used to ensure that all infrastructure and data is protected.

Security updates are rolled out rapidly and consistently. This means that should anything need updating, HubSpot will roll out their new system improvements to ensure that your service isn’t disrupted. HubSpot uses standard incident response procedures to ensure that the right steps are taken at the right time to provide maximum security.

Audits and Vulnerability Assessment

HubSpot doesn't just put out fires when they’re needed to; they’re constantly working and testing different ways to prevent exploitation of possible vulnerabilities. Dynamic application scans, static code analysis and vulnerability scans are run on a daily basis.

Not just once either, these scans are run ALL day.

HubSpot thoroughly tests their products themselves but they also call on an expert third party three times a year to come in and carry out rigorous testing too. This ensures that everything is working as intended and meets the standards that HubSpot promise. 

Find Out How to Grow Your Business Effectively

When it comes to growing your business, it’s easy to become lost and too focused on the end result, instead of making sure that everything is safe and sound from attack. Security is a big part of a company’s growth. Your files, data and content are so precious to your business so you can’t afford to not secure them in the best ways possible.

But, security isn’t the only thing you should consider when effectively growing a company.

If you’re not sure about what other factors you need to focus on, our all-in-one guide shows you everything you need to know about running large scale campaigns effectively. Get your free copy below.