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How to build your growth engine with modern marketing and sales

We are in the beginning of a new era in marketing and sales. An era that will help companies to boost their productivity and, ultimately, grow faster. And the sooner you step into that era, the sooner you will start your new growth story.

Digitalisation has introduced a whole new way to control customer experience during the customer’s journey. The ways to impact the customer during that journey are more powerful and the roles of marketing and sales are moving closer to each other – forming a new entity around customer experience in the process.

A modern marketing and sales model no longer separates what is marketing and what is sales, but merely divides how to influence the customer during her journey in a new way. 

We at Avidly want to help you with your growth journey. We believe that true growth starts from marketing and sales. Therefore, particularly these two functions need to start working in parallel. The biggest advantage lies in connecting marketing and sales activities in a unique way.

To help build this connection between marketing and sales, we created the Avidly Growth Platform. It has two parts: 1. The TomorroWave, which helps in creating the marketing and sales strategy around the customer’s journey and managing the operations and 2. Avidly Opportunity Map, which helps in seizing the growth opportunities by creating unique combinations of actions to drive growth. You can learn more about TomorroWave here

The Avidly Opportunity map has 3+1 layers around its center; the TomorroWave. First, there are the four opportunities a company can start building their growth on. You should start from your business objectives and seize these opportunities to achieve them. These opportunities are: Build winning strategies and commercialization, Create impactful customer experiences, Maximise the benefits of tech and data, and Enable market and organisational growth

Each opportunity can be fulfilled with different capabilities. That’s the second layer. There are 12 different capabilities divided in these four opportunities. Each includes multiple actions – or services from Avidly’s point of view – how we together can reach the impact we want.  These actions are the third layer.


But you shouldn’t start from the actions (services). Because then you don’t actually seize the opportunity, but merely do as you have always done. A personalised growth strategy will be created – with these capabilities and actions for your unique situation – starting from the business objectives and opportunities to seize them and going through capabilities to a unique combination of actions.

But it is important to understand that we can boost every capability, and raise the productivity of marketing and sales with marketing and sales technology. Each and every capability can raise its productivity through technology – with platforms like HubSpot covering quite many of them already.

Check out this introduction video, where I share a bit more about the Avidly Opportunity map.