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How To Avoid The Inevitable When Using Stock Images

 Illustration of Stock Images


You may be tempted to go down the stock photo route... but in the long run, is this the best decision for your business? Ever get the feeling that you’ve seen that picture or logo before? It’s probably because you have. In a digitally growing world, it’s harder and harder to stand out from the crowd.

When it comes to logos, images and your website, it’s vital to be different. Your logo and website are the face of your company and can have a huge effect on your audience, you need to make sure your design agency is making you as unique as possible. We run through the best reasons to be original, and why you shouldn’t be using stock images.

Stock Logos

Your logo is to your business as what your face is to you. Today, image is everything and that includes your business and branding too.

Images are processed 60,000 x quicker than text, so you want your logo to become your brand and be instantly recognisable by your customers. Where would Nike be without the famous ‘swoosh’, McDonald’s without the golden arches, Apple without their apple?

Your logo says more to people about your unique brand before anything else, so why copy someone else? It reflects your company, values and principles.

Using stock images or generic stock logo will lower your credibility, your customers will interpret this as not giving 100% service. If you can’t be bothered to put real thought into your business’ face, why should they believe you would give 100% service to them?

illustrated Image Process

Stock Images

There is nothing worse than the really cheesy stock photos plaguing your screen when you’re on a website. You will have seen them around, the happy headset lady who’s waiting for your call, the team meeting full of grey suits and smiles, the laughing salad pics (you need to see these!) 

You are a real person, heck - you may even work with real people! You and those people have faces, you may have an office... here’s a thought, you could have real photos on your site! 

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. For instance, if you want your logo showing on a van or you want to show a picture of your website on a laptop/tablet/phone then there are only so many vans/phones out there and your logo can be put on any of those.

But there are times when stock images won’t cut it.

Expert Tips

A professional creative design agency will be able to create you a bespoke logo that’s unique and wow your customers from the very beginning. Your logo should be consistent with your branding and used throughout all of your materials. 

With over a billion websites worldwide, there’s only so many stock photos out there. Visitors are looking for unique user experiences. Give them something they’ve not seen before, show them you, your company, your products. 

How does not using stock images benefit you?

  • Build trust in your brand;
  • By using real photos you could see a 45% conversion improvement;
  • People like doing business with people, not websites.