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Exciting news: HubSpot announces pricing changes!

Big changes are coming to HubSpot's pricing structure and will roll out on March 5th, 2024. If you're currently evaluating HubSpot or you're already a valued customer, you're probably wondering, "What does this mean for me?"

Let's dive into the details.


Why the change?

HubSpot acknowledges that its purchasing process has become increasingly complex over time.

From the days of Marketing Basic to the evolution of Sales Pro, the platform has expanded into a robust ecosystem offering Free, Starter, Professional and Enterprise products across multiple lines, with more innovations like the Commerce Hub on the horizon.

Yet, with growth came complexity, and HubSpot aims to simplify the user experience. HubSpot is restructuring its pricing model to streamline the process, aiming to eliminate unnecessary complexity while enhancing user clarity.


What's changing?

Every paid licence — Starter, Professional and Enterprise — will now come with specific seat types.

  • View-only Seat: Enables users to access HubSpot features without editing capabilities
  • Core Seat: Grants edit access to purchased Hubs and connects to HubSpot Smart CRM
  • Sales & Service Seats: Includes Core Seat features plus additional Sales and Service functionalities

Don't worry if you're an existing customer as the restructure won't affect current contracts. However, if you're evaluating HubSpot or making new purchases after March 5th, here's what you need to know:

  • Marketers requiring edit access for tasks like workflows and content creation will need a paid Core Seat
  • Managers seeking reporting or visibility on pipelines and activities may suffice with a View-Only Seat.

Furthermore, for Sales or Service Hub users with fewer than five users for Professional or 10 for Enterprise, you'll now only pay for the users you have. No more "includes five paid seats" clauses.



Marketers now require paid Core Seats for full HubSpot access, while Sales and Service teams gain more control over seat allocation.

If you need any more information, HubSpot has a dedicated page addressing these changes here.

And if you're eager to dive deeper into HubSpot's pricing or explore implementation best practices, remember that Avidly is always here to help.

Change can be daunting, but with HubSpot's commitment to simplicity and clarity, navigating this transition promises to be smoother than ever.


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