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Exciting HubSpot updates in November 2022 and what it means for you!

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HubSpot is constantly evolving and each month they release new updates. This October the updates are, among others, new features for workflows, customer journey analytics, social monitoring on mobile and much more, all aimed at making your experience of using the platform smoother.

In this blog, we share all the October updates for HubSpot Free, Starter Professional and Enterprise users that you need to know.

There are a lot of updates, so we've separated them by Hub to help you find the ones that are most suitable for you, just click the link below to head to the Hub you want to find out more about.

Update of the month

Add line items when creating deals in workflows 

First up and the update chosen as product of the month is for all those of you who create deals in workflows.  You are now able to add line items to deals when creating them through automation, which will save you so much time. This feature is now live for you who have a Professional or Enterprise package of HubSpot so go and check it out. 

Marketing & CMS Hub updates

Customer journey analytics
In HubSpot, you can now mix and match within the report more touch points such as page views, marketing email actions etc, with lifecycle stage changes. Filter touchpoints to see the average time it takes for contacts to get from one step to another. This feature is in Public Beta for those who have HubSpot Enterprise. 



Social monitoring on mobile

When social media channels are constantly growing and more and more people are researching your company on these platforms, it's more important than ever to keep track of what people are saying about you. And of course, how to communicate with your company.

From now on you can see how the social posts you have created are performing from your phone, both for IOS and Android. This makes it possible for you to visualise the metrics of the posts and see the reactions in real-time.

This feature is live for you if you are having a Professional or Enterprise HubSpot account.

Business units limit increase to 100

HubSpot has increased the number of business units in a single hub from 50 to 100 - now live in Enterprise. 

Good to know updates - Marketing & CMS Hub 

GraphQL layer for CMS developers  

The availability of GraphQL allows developers to easily query all of our HubSpot data, simply. Possible in Professional and Enterprise.

Marketing events extension attendance API

The Attendance API allows you to record the attendance data of your customers and will be displayed in the contacts timeline stream. This update allows you to see the duration of attendance in the contact's timelines. This update is live and available for you with HubSpot Free, Starter, Professional or Enterprise. 

Unread comment indicators in the collaboration sidebar

Earlier, it has been easy to miss when getting comments on emails or similar. With this update, the collaboration sidebar now displays a small icon on the comments tab when there are unread comments. Smooth, easy and more visible for you. The update is now live for Professional and Enterprise accounts. 

Sort HubDB data by columns

By clicking column headers of sortable column types, rows can with this new update now sort ascending or descending. However, column sorts do not persist between table loads or for different users. And it does not propagate to live website data. The feature is in Professional and Enterprise.

Sales & Service Hub Updates

Pipelines display preferred currency

Of course, there are some updates in sales and service hubs as well. From now on you can edit your board view to show your pipeline's totals and weighted totals in our chosen currency - as long as it's a currency that is already set up in our HubSpot account.

This feature is now live for you with HubSpot Starter, Professional or Enterprise. 






Good to know updates - Sales & Service Hub 

  • Recommend playbooks based on deal stage - live in Professional and Enterprise 
    • Playbooks that are meant to be used for deals in a particular stage will be pushed to the top of the list of playbooks in the side panel card and highlighted with a "Recommended" flag.
  • New playbook editing experience - Professional, Enterprise - Public Beta
    • The new playbook editor makes it easy to create, edit and publish playbooks with new features like question reordering, inline content insertion and automated list formatting. We must opt into the beta by clicking on the button in the lower, left corner of the playbook editing page. 
  • Playbook outlines for easier navigation - live in Professional and Enterprise 
    • The playbook outline allows us to quickly navigate extended playbooks by collecting section headers into a set of clickable anchor links. Outlines are automatically generated as the playbook content is edited, and can be hidden or shown using the button in the top, left corner of the playbook modal window.
  • Custom ticket stages in the customer portal - live in Professional and Enterprise 
    • Customers can now display detailed custom ticket stage information in the customer portal instead of just "open" and "closed" stages to help end users get better visibility into their ticket status. 

Operations Hub Updates

Owner sync

HubSpot has added a new default mapping to several data sync apps to allow keeping record owners in sync which is now live in HubSpot Free, Starter, Professional and Enterprise. 

Advanced third-party filtering for data sync

Another update on this theme is that HubSpot has added advanced filtering capabilities to data sync. The filtering functionality has improved for inbound data. With this update, you can precisely determine what records can be synced into our HubSpot portal from your third-party app. Now live in HubSpot Free, Starter, Professional and Enterprise. 

CRM Updates

Limit login to trusted IPs

This feature allows admins to limit login to their portal to only attempts coming from within their allowed IP range. This allows them to block logins from outside their corporate network, or VPN, or allow a list of device IPs & restrict any unauthorised access.

Workflow action to create an expense in QuickBooks

Previously, only payment and invoice amounts were shown in QuickBooks without the fee charged by HubSpot. Through this new workflow action, users can have the fee amount reflected as an expense in QuickBooks. Now live in Professional and Enterprise. 

New task priorities - mobile

HubSpot mobile users now have more granular options to define their task priorities. From now on you can use low and medium priority levels in addition to the existing none and high priority levels - just like in the desktop experience.

Good to know updates - CRM

  • Standard Sandboxes - live in Enterprise 
    • With the introduction of Development Sandboxes, HubSpot is renaming their current Sandboxes to Standard Sandboxes. This new name will be visible to all Enterprise customers, regardless of whether they enrol in the CRM Development Tools to Extend Record Page Middle Pane and Sidebar public beta.
  • Max file size upload limit
    • The limit will be 20 MB for Free tiers, and 2 GB for paid tiers. When a customer uploads a file to HubSpot the size limit will be enforced (for both UI and API uploads).
  • File history
    • Some of the data available includes when a file was created when it was deleted, when it was recovered, and when changes were made to the file.
  • Audit log of users security actions in-app - in Public Beta 
    • Super Admins can now view an audit log of security-related actions that users have taken in the account. 
  • Video capacity pack limit increase
    • Video capacity packs (listed as an "add-on" on the pricing page) will allow customers to scale their usage of video with HubSpot beyond the base limit allotted for each tier. This applies only to HubSpot Video-enabled files.
    • Professional, Enterprise - Public Beta
  • Public API for account activity logs
    • This API exposes both the login and security activity history logs currently available to users as an export from within the app. This will allow portal admins and integrators greater flexibility to use this information in third-party systems and processes.

These are the new updates in November 2022 from HubSpot. If you want to keep track of this yourself, take a look at this page.

Got any questions? We’d be more than happy to speak to you about how HubSpot can improve your processes. Book a chat with us through the button below.

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