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5 tips to growing your business with video (Free Course)

Video marketing is one of the most compelling strategies to help businesses stand out and capture the attention of their audience.

But what does it take to grow your business with video? All will be revealed in our free video fundamentals course below, in which Mark dives into the five-game changing video tips that have helped Digital 22 grow 100% year on year.

Our five game changing tips to video success:

  • Get famous in your industry - Start a podcast and outreach to those who are already famous in their niche, and remember to be curious and inquisitive - ask the questions and the guest will deliver the value.
  • Video submissions - to win an award you need to think about standing out - gone are the days of text submission up your game with a creative video submission ( it’s worked for us and can work for you).
  • Repurpose video content - turn that one piece of video content into social snippet content or blog. The more leverage you can get the better the results.
  • Video testimonials are a must - in a competitive industry building trust and credibility to your brand is essential.
  • Great videos don't have to be expensive - you don’t need all the kit, keep it simple with your smartphone and achieve the same great results without having to invest in full-on video production gear.

Ready to take the plunge and take your video game to the next level?

You’ve seen the teaser, now fancy seeing a whole lot more? Simply enroll in our free video course below and enjoy loads more great tips, tricks and strategies to achieve video success.