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Bilal is back and this time he's chatting all things PPC. He's got questions about PPC ads, why they're important and how much the design of the ads themselves influence their overall success. 

He's joined by Chris Ellis, Lead PPC Specialist and Sam Wright, Marketing Strategist to really get to the bottom of things. Whether you're listening on the way to work or just with a good brew, hit the play button below to hear what the guys have to say. 


What's more important - the visuals or the copy?

The guys talk about finding the balance between the perfect visuals and an engaging message in ads. Having one without the other is a recipe for failure. 

Chris appreciates the design work that goes into the ads but, as he explains, he'll often have to add "ugly" text to ensure the right message gets across to the right people. 

A common mistake is that businesses spend time getting their ads absolutely perfect, only to send those who do click to a page or website that's severely lacking.


Quickfire questions

After talking through the best way to spend paid search budgets and the importance of organic AND paid, it's time for a lightning round. 

  • PPC or SEO?
  • Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Instagram
  • Mobile or desktop?
  • Single scroll websites or multi-page?
  • CTR or CPA?

Finally, Bilal really sets the cat amongst the pigeons by asking about mayo on chips. Luckily, Jonathan is on hand to settle the tie before things can get too heated. 


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