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The new HubSpot Modules Marketplace with apps and other cool stuff

HubSpot Modules. Apps and Integrations. WordPress plug-ins. Whatever it is that helps you eek that little bit extra from your HubSpot platform... You can get hold of it in our new marketplace. It's like the HubSpot Modules Marketplace - but with more stuff.

What's in the Digital 22 HubSpot Modules Marketplace?

All sorts! It's like a big box of HubSpot treats that help you get more from the platform - without needing to tie up the dev team.

We've got a wide range of modules and plug-ins that help you get the most from your HubSpot platform.

Clever forms, unique modules, little widgets that just add that little bit of wow to your website (but save you booking it in with the developers).

Here are some of my personal favourites...

HubSpot Multi-Form WordPress Plug-In

Wordpress multi-step form Pocketstop customer quote

If you've got a lengthy form to collect information with, you'll have MILES more success when breaking it down into a multi-step for users.

And if your website's on WordPress but HubSpot's where your other stuff lives, this plug-in's just what you need.

Take a look in more detail here.

Price: $99

Testimonial Shoutout Wall

Testimonial Shout-out Wall D22 Product Thumbnail

Easily customised to your brand, this module lets you showcase a massive range of customer reviews/feedback/testimonials... but with filtering options and flexibility on the layout.

A great example of how we're building little treats for you to spice up your website - without needing to waste development resource on simple tasks (save that time, energy and budget for bigger jobs).

Check it out here.

Price: $60

Three Column Featured Blocks

Three Column Featured Blocks

Maybe it's the linguist inside me but there actually is something about the power of a triadic list.

The human psyche LOVES processing information in batches of 3. You could say it's a magic number.

What's definitely magic is the cool little module that lets you showcase features, facts or whatever in this most digestible of layouts.

And it's only the price of a Starbucks. Take a look.

Price: $5

Plus, there's LOTS more...

There's a whole load of other modules and products to check out. From animated video players to page progress bars... and all sorts in between.

Plus a wide range of FREE modules you can install too. Not to mention, our flagship HubSpot App Integration, Collect.

We're always adding new products, all the time. So it's worth keeping an eye on our email newsletters and socials for updates.

Come and browse the wares over on our HubSpot modules marketplace now...