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LOVE INBOUND 2019 - The Rise of Video in Marketing with Vidyard's Terrance Kwok

The first ever edition of LOVE INBOUND was a fantastic opportunity to hear from some of the industry’s leading speakers, including Terrance Kwok, Product Manager at Vidyard. If you weren’t lucky enough to be in attendance, then you can watch videos of all of the talks on the Digital 22 blog.

Click play below to watch Terrance speak about the rise of video in marketing and how you can make it part of your next sales and marketing campaigns.

The Key Takeaways

Terrance talked about how quickly video has exploded onto the scene with a third of all time online spent watching videos. It’s clear that video is incredibly popular but how do you action this as a marketer and access this growing audience?


He discussed how users that watched the homepage video on the Vidyard website were more likely to convert as customers further down the line.

If you’re thinking of sending videos to your prospects, then you should hear Terrance talk about asynchronous videos and the impact they can have before, during and after the deal cycle.

It’s a new channel for sales teams to interact with their customers and positively influence them.

Some of the most popular video campaigns come from the largest organisations, but that doesn’t mean that video isn’t for SMEs. It can be used to attract, engage and delight customers no matter how big your business is.

Examples from Moz and Vidyard show how effective it can be to create videos that aren’t about their product. Educating buyers at this point is far more important than trying to introduce what they do.

Terrance ran through each stage of the buyer’s journey and which video formats are most effective at this point. You’ll have to click the video above to see what he recommends.

If you’re completely new to creating videos and you’re worried that you’ll have a large bill to pay for the equipment and resources, then worry not. Terrance has a few tips on getting started with video that won’t break the bank.

It isn’t just marketing campaigns that can utilise video effectively. Your sales team can also use videos to improve their processes and nurture clients more effectively.

Terrance finished by outlining a few key takeaways that covered the production of videos, the content you should include and how to expand your video offering once you’ve got going.

Once you’ve watched the above video and digested Terrance’s expert thoughts, make sure to click on any of the links below to see the other talks from LOVE INBOUND.

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We loved hosting LOVE INBOUND and speaking to marketers about their experience with inbound marketing. We're already counting down the days until the next event which will be held on the 26th February 2020. 

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