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VIDEO FIRST: How to get comfortable on camera with Vidyard's Katie Bentz

Sweaty palms, shaky knees, a bead of sweat rolling down your forehead and bright lights blinding you with a huge lump in your throat. I remember the feeling of getting in front of the camera too. Rather than trying to use every excuse in the book to get out of filming, embrace it — especially for your business.

In episode five of the Video First podcast, Digital 22's Head of Growth, Paul, is joined by Katie Bentz, Partner Manager at Vidyard. The two hop on a Google Meet to offer you valuable tips on how you can get comfortable on camera.

You need to believe in the power of video in sales. It's the present and the future. To make sure you get their unmissable insights, hit the play button below.


Taking the leap

Katie kicks us off this week by breaking down how she overcame the fear of being on camera in her sales role. When you consider how many videos she makes and how often you see her video content on LinkedIn, it's hard to believe she was ever nervous.

It takes time. Eventually, that nervous feeling turns into excitement and second nature. Just take the leap — what's the worst that can happen?

Katie also shares some advice of her own with Paul about how you can get comfortable on camera. This includes everything from how you can minimise the feeling of nervousness to building the right habits.

She also runs through when you shouldn't make videos either.

How to get comfortable on camera

Katie and Paul are two people in this arena that know how to erase the worries of being on camera. They both create so many videos, it's worthwhile checking out the tips they discuss, such as:

  • Know what you want to say in the video.
  • Prepare enough, but don't overprepare
  • Choose good lighting
  • Put the camera at a good angle
  • Talk slower than usual
  • Don't worry about the little mistakes
  • Don't do a million takes
  • Keep making videos

To hear their tips in more depth, make sure to hit play either on Vidyard or listen on-the-go using the Soundcloud button below.


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