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Vidyard’s four new product tiers:What does this mean for marketers?

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Vidyard is replacing their original offerings with four new product tiers for businesses who are looking to get started with video content. They’re also dropping the ‘GoVideo’ name and bringing everything under the Vidyard brand.

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The four new offerings (five, if you include HubSpot Video which has been in place since 2018), have been created to better realign the Vidyard brand with HubSpot. Plus, it offers an even more innovative and customisable approach to video.

Here’s what we’ll discuss (and you can skip to any point that grabs your attention!):

  1. Vidyard Free and Pro

  2. Vidyard Plus

  3. Vidyard Starter

  4. What does this mean for marketing and sales?

  5. Why should you be using video?

1. Vidyard Free and Pro 

Video is the content of the future. They’re helpful, human and trustworthy. A lot of the time, they can work better than a huge email blast by offering something more personal. 

Vidyard Free and Pro are great if you’re just getting into video marketing. But if you’re serious about using video for your business (and you should be because 45% of marketers plan to add video content into their strategies in the coming year, so you should follow suit or risk getting left behind), this entry level stage won’t last long.

Free offers you the option to utilise a small amount of video, allowing you to upload and share an unlimited number of videos and embed five videos on your site. Your videos, however, will be Vidyard branded. The only way to remove this is to upgrade to Pro...

Vidyard Pro comes with the ability to remove Vidyard’s branding from your videos and add your own for a more personalised video presence. And like Free, you can upload and share unlimited videos, but you can embed 20 videos to your site.

While these are fantastic starting services, you’ll quickly outgrow them. With the way video marketing is becoming increasingly popular, you’ll soon need to capitalise on more video usage. This means you’ll need a more in-depth product with which you can gain more insight into how your videos are performing and more creative control when it comes to their development. Neither Free or Pro offer this.

2. Vidyard Plus

Vidyard Plus is the biggest new tier. It offers advanced analytics, SEO, A/B test thumbnails and so much more.

While Plus may have a whole host of features, it’s not typically the best for first time video users or smaller companies. You might not even use all of the features on offer in the Plus package and it wouldn’t be wise to waste money on something like that. 

So what do we recommend? What is versatile enough to promote your video properly but still more cost-effective for smaller teams and organisations? It’s Vidyard Starter.

3. Vidyard Starter

Vidyard Starter is the middle level tier of the new Vidyard packages. Here are some of the features:

  • Hosting and analytics.

  • Host videos and track their impact on your business.

  • Fully customisable player.

  • Interactive calls-to-action.

  • Share and embed videos anywhere.

  • Sync-to-social.

  • Custom video sharing pages.

  • Email support.

Starter has all the features you need to, well, get started! If you’re a HubSpot user on their Pro or Enterprise package ( if you’re a Digital 22 client, you’ll be on one of these), you’ll be able to use HubSpot Video, which is powered by Vidyard.

Now, this is the cool bit - for $150 a month, you can get everything HubSpot Video offers plus enhanced user-specific analytics. This means you can explore user-to-user differences, such as what device they used to watch the video, their interactions and even when they dropped off.

This helps you to analyse what your customers are engaging with and what sort of content they enjoy, helping you to create even more effective videos in the future. 

Starter also allows you to brand bespoke CTAs for your videos and embed them flexibly within your content. HubSpot also offers this, but only with default CTAs that they offer. In other words, you’ll need Vidyard Starter if you want to have uniquely branded CTAs in your videos. 

When you combine HubSpot Video and Vidyard Starter, you’ll get that extra bit of versatile bang for your buck, giving you the ability to be incredibly tactical with your video marketing campaigns and strategies.

4. What does this mean for marketing and sales?

Video is getting incredibly popular and there are so many benefits in using video marketing for a growing business.

Videos help to drive demand and convert prospects into customers. What these innovative pieces of content help to do is accelerate the buyer’s journey.

These new offers from Vidyard add to the great array of services that Vidyard already have to offer, making them a very desirable solution to any video needs. Plus, you don’t want to be missing out on a top-notch marketing opportunity, do you?

Video can help us increase our conversions, open rates and ultimately learn more about our current customers and our potential ones. You need the perfect video package to be exploring all of this. 

5. Why should you be using video?

Well, for starters, more than 50% of consumers want to see video from brands. Keep up with these demands and give your audience what they want.

Video represents a revolution for businesses, marketers and consumers. It’s a completely innovative and genuine way to form connections, convert prospects and delight any customer. For marketers, it’s incredibly useful and should be used through every stage of the flywheel

Here are some video-based knowledge bombs to further convince you that video is the way forward (in case you aren’t already):

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