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LOVE INBOUND 2020: Kirsty Hulse - Super charge your ideas to get better results.

“What is creativity? Why is it so important, now and in the future?” asked Kirsty Hulse, the Founder and Managing Director of Roar! Training and Manyminds, at our LOVE INBOUND event. In her talk, Kirsty focused on the science of creativity and how we as marketers and business leaders can really capitalise upon it, becoming even more creative in the process.

At the start of her engaging talk, Kirsty asked the crowd to put their hands up if they considered themselves creative or analytical. It was an even split - but this wasn’t an effort to divide people. Instead, it was more to open their eyes.

“Creativity is simply our ability to innovate,” she said, arguing that it’s not just those self-proclaimed few who are creative - but everybody.

Kirsty told us about her discoveries when it came to top-performing content and the three things that stood out as making content truly successfully - authenticity, timing and originality. Which makes sense in terms of the levels of content saturation currently permeating the web.

“Creativity is simply our ability to innovate.”

Here are some key takeaways from Kirsty’s talk on creativity:

  • EVERYBODY is creative. 
  • Creativity gives us a competitive advantage over current marketing challenges such as low organic reach rates.
  • Format of content is only a bonus - it’s authenticity, timing and originality that make it stand out.
  • The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2022, 40% of jobs will be able to be automated - this means creativity will be an imperative skill in the future.
  • We need to stop thinking of creativity as a ‘soft skill’ and recognise it as a hard specialism of the future. 
  • Neurological research from Penn State University found a strong link between “creative thinking ability and self-reported creative aptitude”. Long story short, if you think you’re not creative, you’re not. 

This is only a small amount of the information Kirsty brought to the stage, which was a wonderful mix of marketing lingo and neurological facts. To see just what she was talking about (and learn how you can increase your creativity) - press play on the video above. 

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