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LOVE INBOUND 2020: Luke Carthy - How to smash Google Analytics for eCommerce.

Luke Carthy is an eCommerce Consultant, which is another way of saying online shopping God. He came down to Digital 22’s LOVE INBOUND event to talk about eCommerce, some of the common problems people face and how to get the most out of Google Analytics (GA). Check out Luke in action below.

Luke began by giving us two personas, Dave and Lucille. 

Dave is doing great. “Recently single, living his best life.” He’s also the digital manager of an eCommerce store, but Luke reveals Dave’s big problem: he uses an ‘out of the box, vanilla instance of GA.”

Essentially, GA is telling him about the sales he’s won, but not the sales he’s missed out on - and why he’s missed out on them.

On the other hand, Lucille has gone beyond the ‘standard remit of Google Analytics’. She’s using GA to get solid proof around eCommerce strategy and can find high-res data and ‘killer stats’ that management can’t ignore. 

Luke’s talk is all about building a ‘badass GA rig like Lucille’, revolving around best practices and how to figure out common eCommerce problems - like error messages in transactions or capturing lost basket value.

“Be more Lucille.”

Here are some of the key takeaways from Luke’s entertaining talk:

  • “Custom definitions are awesome.” They allow you to send custom data into GA.
  • Custom dimensions can be applied to almost any dataset.
  • GA isn’t great at reporting the sales you’ve lost (but there are ways around this).
  • Custom definitions tell you what, events tell you when. 
  • Be more Lucille.

You may be scratching your heads and wondering, ‘what do these takeaways mean?’ Well, scroll up to watch the video and find out.

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