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LOVE INBOUND 2020: Paul Mortimer - Blog length vs User experience.

LOVE INBOUND 2019 provided so much insight and it’s no surprise some of our lot wanted to be in the spotlight the following year. Our very own Head of Creative, Paul Mortimer, took to the stage and asked the all-important question, “How long should a blog be?”

Paul head of creative love inbound talk

Starting off with a lovely little trip down memory lane, he reminisced about D22’s infancy and the challenge he was set early on to get the word out. 

Blog. Every. Single. Day. 

You could say he knows a thing or two about content. 

So what is the optimal length for a blog? Although Google cites around “1,000 - 2,500 words”, Paul did a little investigation of his own to see if that was true. Analysing our client’s real content he found that the average length of blogs with the most views and most clicks (AKA the sweet spot) is just over 1,000. 

Of course every sector, topic and reader differ but here are some key takeaways from the talk:

  • Readers like to ingest short-form content before work and a longer reader after.
  • There’s a correlation between the seniority of a job position and content length.
  • Depth isn’t always important.
  • Longer blogs don’t always equate to more clicks and views.
  • Highly relevant CTA’s are essential for engagement and conversions.
  • Good structure of blogs like bullets, anchor links and clear titles keep the reader on the page. 

Overall, it’s about giving YOUR reader what they want. Is it something digestible and quick to read on their commute? Give it to them. A deep dive with more in-depth insights? Give it to them.

Also, did you know that Google updates its illusive algorithm nine times a day? Whether you’re an extensive blogging team or a sole writer on a mission, keeping up with the shifts in industry expectations and SEO demands is essential. 

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