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LOVE INBOUND 2020: Rikki Lear & special guests - Inbound success stories

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We wanted to do something a little different at LOVE INBOUND this year. Rather than just telling you that inbound works, we thought we’d give you some insider information.

Rikki love inbound 2020 clients

Who better to talk about the wonders of inbound than some of our clients that have experienced the initial hesitation, the challenges and the successes first-hand? 

Our Founder and Director at Digital 22, Rikki, welcomed Jude Browne (Marketing Director at Newcastle University), Tom Larkin (Marketing Controller at Shoes For Crews Europe) and Claire Bradley (Marketing Manager at WiFi SPARK) to the stage. 

With the spotlight on Jude first, she talked about the economical impact of Newcastle University and how the education landscape has shifted. Now having to compete for students, which equals almost half of their revenue, it’s more important than ever to leverage effective marketing strategies. 

She also expressed the challenge of convincing people change needed to happen, with the “burning platform” being the high lifetime value of undergraduate students.

 “People all around the university are beginning to really understand marketing have got to add to the incredibly important work that they do.” - Jude Browne.

Next up was Tom, the Marketing Controller at SFCE, our longest serving client who has pioneered inbound for over eight years now. Heavily eCommerce, Tom recognised the B2B side of the business was the money maker and needed a push.

Their initial concerns revolved around getting stuck into new methodologies and making sure ROI was prioritised.

“Our return on investment in the first year was ten to one. Very tangible as well.” - Tom Larkin.

For Tom, he knew pretty much right away that inbound worked for them. The results in the first 12 months spoke for themselves with up to 40% of the website traffic driven by inbound. In 2018, the blog content we created for them had racked up over a million views with more than two million readers each year wanting expert advice, guidance and information. 

To finish off was Claire from WiFi SPARK. For the team, they needed more accuracy to help them accelerate their growth and measure their success. As a two-lady team, Claire and Becky needed the support of experts to help them achieve their marketing goals and aspirations.

“When you described the Growth-Driven Design process, it was a revelation.” - Claire Bradley.

With GDD great for their continually growing business, their biggest challenge was making sure the right people saw the content and had the right approval process down. Although the technology of their business can be hard to pin down, Claire expressed how the animations we produced for them are now utilised by the sales team too. 

After watching Rikki’s talk, you’re probably feeling inspired to get involved with inbound yourself or hold your nerve with your own strategy. But, why not listen to what our other wonderful speakers have to say first?

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