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Empowering your business using automation - Melanie Bohulu Speaker Interview LOVE INBOUND 2023

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Maybe it's because I'm stereotypically British and can't speak another language apart from the basics on holiday (and then I'm reliant on a phrasebook), but people who can speak multiple languages always impress me. And people who can also teach in multiple languages amaze me.

People like Melanie Bohulu, an Inbound Professor from HubSpot, who can teach in THREE languages. She also has a jam-packed career history which even includes managing to gain two separate Masters level degrees.

Jheez. Puts my being able to order a round of drinks in any bar on the Mediterranean to shame, eh?

Melanie's taking time out of her busy role working as part of the HubSpot Academy team to come and speak at LOVE INBOUND 2023. So, we hopped on a Google Meet so I could pick her considerable-brains to see what knowledge she's going to share with us on 5th October.

Check it all out and if you like what you hear (which you will), why not see her in person at LOVE INBOUND 2023...



A chat with Melanie Bohulu on empowering your business using automation [video]


A Q&A with Melanie Bohulu about her LOVE INBOUND 2023 appearance

Avidly: Can you provide a brief overview of your background and expertise in your field?

Melanie: I was born in Paris, France and grew up there. I am originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire). I studied languages (English and Spanish) and literature to A-Level.

During a training period for my BTEC Higher National Diploma in Trilingual Assistant Management (French, English and Spanish), which I started after A-Level, I discovered that I was interested in designing assets to promote events (flyers, social media posts, promotional videos, writing blog articles, etc). After obtaining my BTEC, I went on to study journalism and communication: I did a Bachelor's degree in information and communication sciences in France, then a Masters degree in communication and creative industries in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), and I came back to Paris to do a second Masters degree in media, cultural and language studies.

This was followed by several years of experience in entertainment journalism and communications. These were particularly rewarding in many ways, but I had started to develop the first signs of burnout.

It was very demanding and, quite frankly, the pay was far too low. So I decided to make a career change and go into education.

I started by doing homework help and exam preparation for students and then took the opportunity to work as a teaching assistant in London. There I discovered a passion for transmitting knowledge and designing teaching tools.

I knew then that I was on the path of a new passion and I wanted to "test" different audiences. This is how I became a training specialist in a tech company in London for nearly 3 years during which I designed training programs for our clients (Board members of large companies, CEO, CFO etc). I strengthened my knowledge on learning design and never stopped learning new teaching skills in French, English and Spanish.

After my contract was terminated following a restructuring plan, I was approached on LinkedIn by Courtney Sembler, director of HubSpot Academy.

For two years now in HubSpot Academy, I have had the great pleasure of designing, developing and promoting educational content for our French-speaking learners.

With the Academy, we help make marketing, sales and services education accessible to as many people as possible, we make their lives easier with our powerful CRM system, and we want them to feel empowered enough to take control over their professional future. Indeed, many succeed in developing skills and changing careers through our lessons, courses, and certifications.

On a personal level, I feel 100% aligned with my passion for passing on knowledge and I keep getting excited every time I have the opportunity to produce content and speak about it.

What inspired you to choose your specific topic for LOVE INBOUND 2023? Why this topic? Why is it important to you?

I'm inspired by everything to do with empowerment, because it encourages us to push back our boundaries, to see what's on the other side of fear, and to realize that we have far more power and control than we think.

The very principle of the automation system offers the keys to empowerment to anyone who uses it by performing a function with minimal or no human intervention.

Without giving too much away, what's a key insight or takeaway attendees can expect from your talk?

I hope that the people present at my presentation will want to make the most of automation by referring to what HubSpot offers, by also referring to my shared experience and by applying it to their own environment.

How do you believe your topic aligns with the overall theme of empowering people in business?

As I said in one of my previous answers, the very principle of the automation system offers the keys to empowerment to anyone who uses it by performing a function with minimal or no human intervention.

And this is also my mission as Inbound Professor at HubSpot Academy: I want learners to feel empowered enough to take control over their professional future.

Could you share a memorable success story or experience related to your talk topic?

At Academy level, automation enables tasks to be generated automatically, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient project development process based on the ADDIE principle. As a result, we are able to create relevant content that systematically meets the needs of our learners, while investing more time in the more human aspects of our missions.

This is not a success story as such, I grant you. But because it's a significant advantage that is now totally integrated into our operations and makes all the difference, for me it's a success story! 

HubSpot also has a page dedicated to our customers' success stories. Here's one from a company that attributes its meteoric growth to the ability the HubSpot gives them to automate their sales and marketing cycles as one whole unit. (

What do you hope attendees will gain from your session and how can they apply the learnings in their own businesses?

I hope that the attendees will be able to clearly visualise which aspects of their business require an automation system, and what benefits they could gain from it. I also hope that they will want to explore the HubSpot Academy content which highlights this subject.

Are there any specific challenges or pain points in your field that you aim to address during your talk?

Every system has its limits, so I intend to mention this in my presentation (without saying too much), but above all I'd like to take this as a starting point for thinking about possible solutions.

What are you most looking forward to at LOVE INBOUND 2023, besides your own presentation?

How to "Marie Kondo"" Your Business by Ingunn Bjøru. It speaks to the maniac in me, for a start! And getting practical tips on how to apply Marie Kondo's organizing tips to businesses, freeing up time to focus on what matters is so important! Time and resources management make a huge difference in terms of efficiency in all aspects of our lives and it’s always neglected unfortunately.

In your opinion, why do events like LOVE INBOUND provide valuable learning and networking opportunities for professionals?

Because it contributes to the creation and growth of a global community around a key theme. Inbound enables businesses to free themselves from old marketing, sales and service methods and put the customer and his satisfaction at the centre of everything.

This guarantees greater efficiency, but above all it calls on fundamental human values such as the desire to connect sincerely and empathy.

Finally, what message or piece of advice would you like to share with potential attendees to encourage them to sign up for LOVE INBOUND 2023?

As the Nirvana song goes, “Come as you are” (If you thought of McDonald’s ads, this works as well!). With a mind open enough to welcome new ideas, exchange with other members of the Inbound community and ready to share your experience!

So, why not come and join us?

Why not find out more about LOVE INBOUND 2023 and sign-up for free over on this page: