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PAID MEDIA PODCAST: The alternatives to Google Ads

Whether it's Google's massive reach, its targeting capabilities, bidding strategy tools to maximise RIO or anything between, Google Ads tends to be the go-to strategy for most involved in the PPC world. Although, it isn't the only option you have.

In episode two of the Paid Media Podcast, Digital 22's PPC Specialists, Chris and Christian, sit down to discuss your realistic alternatives to Google Ads.

The guys run through several options when it comes to marketing your business online, from search and display to social and content. To hear what the guys discuss this week, hit the play button below.


Your realistic ads options to market your business online

The beauty (and curse?) of working in PPC is that there are a lot of platforms out there to help you grow your business and maximise your ROI. If you're new to the game and need tips on where to best focus your attention, then this is the episode for you.

The options Christian and Chris run through include....

Microsoft Ads

What is it? What's different about it? What's its position in the search market? The duo run through all of that along with the benefits of focusing your attention on Microsoft Ads.

Facebook and Instagram

Two more heavy hitters that can bring a lot of value to your business and your paid search efforts. Tune in to find out what their uses are as powerful advertising platforms.

Twitter Ads

Another platform you might want to look towards. The guys run through what to expect and how you can benefit from Twitter Ads.

LinkedIn Ads

If Facebook and Instagram are heavy hitters, LinkedIn is causing a storm of its own. It's a channel a lot of businesses are turning to, so it's only right Christian and Chris explain how to navigate this up and coming B2B platform from an Ads perspective.

Content syndication

Have a lot of content? Want to get the results you deserve courtesy of your content? This is perfect if you're a business that's content-heavy and needs to get it all out there.

App Store Ads

Or, you might have an app and need to advertise it to the world. Hit the play button on the Soundcloud link below to hear how you can effectively advertise on the App Store.


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