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6 powerful benefits of inbound video in your next marketing campaign

3 mins read

Your customers are demanding video content from you. A HubSpot survey found that 54 percent wanted to see videos from their favourite brands. Video was the most popular choice, beating emails, social posts, blogs and downloadable long-form content.

We’re not saying you need to ditch traditional content but there are significant benefits to integrating inbound video into your next marketing campaign. Let's discuss what they are.


What’s inbound video?

Before jumping into the benefits, here’s a quick rundown of what inbound video actually is. Like with written inbound content, inbound video is about providing value to the viewer. It’s a video that addresses someone’s pain points and deals with them, offering further information or even a solution.

For an in-depth look at what inbound video actually is and why you should get started immediately, check out this blog post.

6 enefits of inbound video

  1. Attract Interest Through Social Sharing and Build Credibility
  2. Simplify Even the Most Complicated of Topics
  3. Boost Your Conversion Rates
  4. Great for SEO and Sales
  5. Video Can Put a Friendly Face to Your Business
  6. There are So Many Different Formats to Take Advantage of

1. Attract interest through social sharing and build credibility

Before excitedly creating your first video, think about where in the inbound methodology your video will fit. A good place to start is at the beginning - obviously. Create videos that are entertaining and you’ll find they gain good traction on social media.

There’s no perfect recipe for the viral video, so it could take a few attempts before you hit social gold. To give your videos the best chance of success, make sure you use social media wisely. Think about when you’re posting them, which channels you’re posting them on and whether the right hashtag can give it that all-important boost.

Make sure the videos are still informative in some way and deal with the pain points the consumer might have. Try and establish yourself as an expert on the topic and you’ll build trust and credibility.

2. Simplify even the most complicated of topics

The topic you’re looking to cover in your next marketing campaign might be a little… dry. Your target audience might find the subject thrilling, or they might find it dull and uninteresting. Inbound video is a great way of simplifying complex subjects and encouraging viewers to engage with even the most tedious of topics.

A two-minute video is easier to digest than a 1,000-word blog when it comes to difficult topics. You’re restricted by time, forcing you to be concise and clear which can make it easier for the viewer to understand.

3. Boost your conversion rates

Inbound video leads to more conversions. It’s really as simple as that. Landing pages that had videos on them were found to have an 80 percent increase in conversions. EIGHTY. Can you really afford not to be implementing inbound videos with results like that?

And, because they’re already on a landing page, they usually end up being better quality leads as well. Videos keep consumers on your website for longer and keep them engaged with your content for longer too - both leading to increases in conversions.

4. Great for SEO and sales

The right video can improve your campaign’s SEO performance thanks to the associated keywords you might use in the title, hashtags and video tags. It’s just another way of raising your profile and building trust with consumers.

The folks over at Cisco reckon that in the next few years 82 percent of all internet traffic will be made up by video and we’re inclined to agree. This obviously has a massive impact on your sales process as customers will quickly get used to making purchasing decisions based on videos they watch. Without videos, you’ll soon get left behind.

5. Video can put a friendly face to your business

When a consumer’s looking for a business to buy from or work with, there’s a lot of competition for them to consider. Something that can help you to stand out is to put a face to your business.

You’ll be humanising your business and standing out from the faceless crowd of your rivals. Not everyone likes getting in front of the camera but the impact it can have on your next marketing campaign is worth the odd outtake.

6. There are so many different formats to take advantage of

Whatever your campaign, there are all kinds of different video types you can do. They’ll provide valuable and engaging content to the viewer, helping to build trust in your business. Video allows you to vary your content more than if it was just written.

Here are just a few of the video formats you should try:

  • How-to’s/tutorials.

  • Brand introductions.

  • Interviews with staff/industry experts.

  • Animated videos.

  • Behind the scenes.

  • Case studies.

  • Virtual reality/360 degree/augmented reality.

  • Live videos on social.

We’ve literally written the book on inbound video

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But video goes beyond marketing...

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