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Reducing inbox stress | VIDEO FIRST Newsletter #07

.We all feel stress when our email inbox is overflowing. And, usually, working through your emails will throw up some more stress. But, now, Vidyard has conducted a scientific study that PROVES how receiving video messages can REDUCE stress and make you feel better.

This means you can use the sending of 1-1 video messages to your advantage in your:

  • Marketing automation emails
  • Sales prospect rapport building
  • Client management and relationship building
  • Internal productivity and happiness


Want to read more about the study mentioned in the 2-minute video above?

Check out the blog post all about it here.

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The VIDEO FIRST Newsletter #07 transcript:

Hi, welcome to the video first newsletter.
This week, we are looking at a great study that Vidyard has just released
and what they did was a neurological study, loads of scientific stuff
in there and what they've done is analyzed the impact of the email inbox and different types of email on our mood and our stress
levels and how our brain responds.

Super interesting stuff.

There's a link to a blog post where we've rounded up the key takeaways,
such as 70% of sellers who use video in the sales process. Customized video, 1 to 1
video, see better email, open rates, email click through rates and therefore better success in what they're trying to achieve.

Then at the same time, 500 B to be sellers that Vidyard has worked with. So these people who know about Vidyard, they know about the video as a concept.

Less than half of those people even are using video in the sales process. So you've got massive chance to get ahead of the competition and make stronger connections with your prospects. But the key takeaway really, the most interesting thing about the study is that something that we all know an email inbox is a stressful place, but they've actually now proven what an impact video has and how it can relieve those stresses on the email recipients.

So if you're the one sending that video, you're you're bringing down those stress levels for the recipient, they're more likely to look at your email. But also when they do, you're going to be relieving that email inbox stress and taking the edge off.

So, the old adage of people might not remember what you say, but they'll remember how you made them feel is really going to help you there because you're going to be the person relieving that that feeling of stress when the email recipient gets your video.

So what we've done is rounded up some other takeaways and tips and how you can turn this study into an action that you can do this week to improve your video success.

Take a look at the blog post below. See you soon.