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Running PPC in House | Pointers and Potential Pitfalls | Paid Media Podcast Ep06

Fancy running PPC in-house?πŸ–±πŸ 

First, listen to our PPC pros, Chris and Christian, as they discuss what it's like working in-house as a jack-of-all-trades marketing executive versus a specialist in a marketing team. Plus, see how both roles compare to agency life

It's a mix of punchy PPC tricks that apply to individuals and entrepreneurs alike, with a cheeky dose of career advice for those bright-eyed PPC beginners. What's not to love? 

Watch along by hitting the play button below.


Not all PPC roles are born equal 

The biggest takeaway of this podcast is that running PPC campaigns is entirely different as an executive, specialist and agency pro. 

We might all share the same problems, tools and endless frustrations with Google β€” but some roles carry more responsibility than others and offer a very different pace. πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

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Depending on your role, you'll need to be concerned with goal-setting, organisational alignment, managing expectations, getting Google certifications, putting in the hours to practice, conducting competitor analysis, testing and investing in tools, tracking and attribution, the potential dangers of automated campaigns and that all-important follow-up. 

And breathe. 

That's right. This episode really does pack in all aspects of running a PPC campaign β€” bar one...

...watching the Paid Media Podcast for more words of wisdom.πŸ’‘


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