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TRENDING UPWARDS: Link building - Is it worth your time?

Link building: the process of developing relationships and live links to strengthen your backlink profile online. 

This time-consuming process seems like the less technical side of SEO but, for some, it proves to be a big win, forming valuable, authoritative connections that your website would never otherwise obtain. 

So, is it worth your time? And how well will it work in your industry? 

"If you're an organised person, you can do outreach."

Join Danielle and Hannah, our resident SEO experts, to uncover everything you need to know about link building, from the gravity of guest blogs to the rules around paying for links and creating connections that feel natural and never forced. 

To tune into this week's episode of the Trending Upwards podcast, hit the play button below to watch along.


What we cover in this episode

Although you can consume this episode in just 20 minutes, the team gets stuck into almost every topic you could imagine. 

There's talk of: 

  • Subject lines
  • Tailoring email templates
  • Finding contacts
  • The best link building software
  • Link building by niche
  • Cold link building 
  • Guest blogging
  • Responding to journalist requests
  • DA importance
  • Link monitoring 
  • ...and more

If you want to listen on-the-go to hear what Danielle and Hannah had to discuss this week, hit the play button below to tune in on SoundCloud.


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