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TRENDING UPWARDS: Seasonal trends in SEO

Whether it's Christmas, International Women's/Men's Day or Cyber Monday, your SEO team should never be an afterthought. If you struggle to make an impact during certain seasons or events, then make sure you tune into episode seven of the Trending Upwards SEO podcast below.

In this episode, Hannah and Anthony from our SEO team at Digital 22 run through seasonal SEO trends and how you can plan in advance. To avoid missing out on their valuable insights, hit the play button below to watch along.


Planning in advance

The guys run through the huge increase in demand during certain periods, meaning keywords are also more challenging to rank for. The problem? Companies tend to overlook this in their SEO strategy. What Anthony and Hannah prefer to do for our clients is craft a yearly plan, which is something your business definitely needs to consider.

That plan needs to be crafted well in advance. Nobody enjoys talking about Christmas in May or June, but that's how early you need to think about such a busy period. It isn't just SEO you need to plan, either. The same applies to social media, emails and blog content so your SEO teams know what's going out ahead of time.

Do your research and prep early. Although it might seem early, you don't want to be reactive and fall behind the competition.


Seasonal trends

The guys then go on to discuss seasonal trends for products relevant to their particular clients. Their top suggestion is to create dedicated landing pages for specific products around the Christmas season and other important holidays all year round. That goes for everything from Father's/Mother's Day and Thanksgiving to Halloween and Valentine's Day. 

There are a lot of holidays and events to keep track of and plan for, so you need to incorporate them into your yearly strategy.

Anthony then runs through how SEO is usually an afterthought. Content and social do their plans, but SEO should always be involved, so make sure that's the case in your business. Early involvement means your SEO team can conceptualise ideas and make sure they target the right keywords that might be challenging to rank for — but your SEO team will know exactly which ones to target.


Getting started

Software is your first port of call to help you with keywords. The guys recommend Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, Ubersuggest and AHrefs to help you get some concepts and ideas for areas you want to target. The software options also offer free trials and help you find out what people are searching for and how difficult the keywords are difficult to rank for.

But that's not all. Anthony and Hannah also discuss:

  • Getting backlinks to content for events and holidays
  • Utilising local PR
  • Including relevant downloadable content in blog content
  • Their favourite Christmas songs and movies

To get ahead of the curve with your SEO during seasonal events and holidays, be sure to tune in to this episode of Trending Upwards.


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