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Using video on landing pages - Does it even work?

2 mins read

Yes. 100 percent yes. It’s not even up for debate. Using videos on your landing pages has a significantly positive impact on your video marketing campaigns. They can be the final nudge a visitor needs to become a customer.

Here are some key reasons and nice stats that show just how effective videos are on landing pages.


Why videos are so effective when used on landing pages

1. They increase conversions

They don’t give conversions a little, gentle boost. They give them an almighty kick up the backside. Landing pages that had videos on them were found to increase conversions by 86 percent compared to those without.

The ultimate goal of a landing page is to convert visitors into customers and just by having a video, you can increase the chances of it happening. Obviously, any old video won’t do and it’s important that you know your audience and what they want to see.

We have five other reasons to cover, but honestly, this one alone should be enough. If you’re on the fence, then create two landing pages, one with video and one without and take a look at the results.

2. They’re entertaining and memorable

Videos being fun to watch is hardly a groundbreaking revelation but the right video can have a lasting impact on a visitor to your landing page. They might visit a few different websites and landing pages when looking for a business to work with. The video could be what helps you to stand out.

You’ll be the business that went the extra mile to provide valuable and engaging content on their landing page, giving you the edge over the competition.

Buyers are four times more likely to want to watch a video about your products and services than read about them. Your landing page is an opportunity to really seal the deal and a video is more likely to do that than a page of content.

3. They build trust and put a face to your business

When browsing businesses online, it can be difficult to get a sense of the kind of people you’d be working with if you picked them. A helpful video that shows your business in the best possible light is an easy way of building trust with someone.

A video adds credibility and helps you to prove that you’re an authority that should be taken seriously. Anything that can put the visitor’s mind at ease, squash the doubts they have and convince them to convert is worth having on your next landing page.

4. They help someone to make a decision

Getting someone to hand over their contact details is always a challenge and a well-placed video on a landing page can be the final assurance someone needs.

Ninety percent of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful when they’re making a decision. Visitors to your landing page might still be unsure about your business and be looking for a little more information before progressing any further. Make a video that connects with them and is persuasive and you’ll help to make their decision for them.

5. They keep visitors on your site for longer

Videos keep visitors on your page for longer than if there wasn’t one. Wistia worked out that people spend on average 2.6 times longer on a page if there’s a video. You can’t help but be attracted to the video and want to see what it’s about.

If you’re trying to raise the profile of your business within your industry, then videos on your landing pages are a great way of increasing someone’s familiarity with you. The longer they’re on the page, the more they learn about you and what you do.

Even if they end up leaving the page at this point, they’ll still have learnt about you and will remember you in the future when they are ready to become customers. A landing page’s primary goal is to increase conversions but it can also be pretty useful for growing your business’ stature within the industry.

6. They can let someone else do the selling for you

People are inherently sceptical. No matter how much you shout about your fantastic, one-of-a-kind product, there’s always going to be that little voice telling them you’re lying.

Videos can be versatile. You can use your landing page videos to show client testimonials. Let someone else do the selling for you. A quick 60-second video from happy customers can be far more persuasive than any sales copy you’ve written. Testimonials are still seen as the most effective marketing tactic by marketers, with 89 percent backing them.

Using video across your entire business

If I’ve sold you on landing page videos, great! But video can be leveraged for more than just marketing and can have a major impact if used across the entire business.

By bringing personalised and authentic videos into your mix, can help you capture attention, build rapport and delight your audience.

To see how we transformed our business with video and how you can too, just click the link below and take 2021 by storm.