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VIDEO FIRST: Avoid this when creating video marketing on a budget

Batteries running out. Changing location at the last second because it's too noisy. Trying to cram everything into your video and losing its original purpose. If you're involved in video marketing, these issues might sound all too familiar.

A lot can go wrong when you least expect it. In this week's episode, Digital 22's Video Specialist, Jon, and Head of Growth, Paul, run through what you should avoid when creating video marketing on a budget.

Hear their stories and learn from their mistakes using the link below to make sure you don't suffer the same fate.


What you need to avoid

Cramming everything in

Your video needs one clear purpose so you don't confuse your readers. It's tempting to try and throw a load of stuff into one video - especially on a budget as you don't want to shoot multiple videos - but this won't achieve what you want.

Not building a snowman

The most important part of any video: planning. Just like you build a snowman by setting the foundations, your videos need the same preparation so they don't 'melt away'. 

Plan properly. Batteries can run out, you might need to change your location - anything can go wrong. Plan for stuff to go wrong so your videos are a success.

Being something you're not

You're not an actor. Not being authentic really shows on camera and it isn't a good look. Stay true to who you are and your audience will sense your true personality.

Expecting perfection

It's easier said than done but sorry, no video is going to be bang on. As long as it's good enough and watchable, your audience won't be too fussed about all the technicalities involved. Plus, the time you spend tinkering with it only means your video won't be live for longer - impacting results.

Change your mind

You've done the planning,  bought the new equipment you needed, hired a great location, got any potential actors... and you've changed your mind at the last minute. That's a waste of valuable time, money and resource.

What else?

Jon and Paul also run through why you should pick your battles by converting existing traffic first. They also explain why instead of expecting miracles from a one-off video, you should produce tactical, efficient videos to increase conversion rates. Want to find out how? Make sure to hit a play button above.

That's a quick rundown of what Jon and Paul run through in the latest episode of Video First. Interested in hearing more about the things you need to avoid when creating video marketing on a budget? Make sure to hit the play button above to watch the episode or listen on-the-go using the Soundcloud button.

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