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Why use video in your inbound marketing to attract, engage and delight?

There’s no denying video is skyrocketing and empowering businesses of all sizes to take a video-first approach.

Video has the power to transform how you market, sell and communicate and knowing how you can leverage video can help you on your way to crafting an awesome marketing strategy.

Just like a fine brie and crackers, or a bag of Doritos and dip, they complement one another perfectly.

So the question is how does video complement the inbound methodology?

To answer this, dive into this short video below as our video-mad, Co-owner and Director, Mark Byrne takes us through what and the why of inbound video.

Simplifying inbound video and marketing

Here's an overview of some of the key points to consider 

  • Adopting the KISS framework - It’s better to “Keep It Simple Stupid” to make it easier for you or your audience to understand
  • How to use the value ladder - The more value we can give potential customers, the more they'll give you back through monetary value or commitment to your brand
  • The evolution of video being more widespread - Adopting a video-first approach within every area of your business makes for a powerful hidden weapon in your arsenal

Start geeking out hard on video as opposed to text. Use video everywhere within your business - Brain Halligan CEO & Founder HubSpot


Learn, Camera, Action?  Ready to learn more about video?

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