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Driving Cybersecurity: CSIS & Avidly HubSpot Solutions
Website Transformation Journey

As part of a trusted partnership, CSIS and Avidly launched a modern website and implemented HubSpot CMS that not only provided a seamless user experience, but also made a lasting impression.

The background


CSIS is the strong partner when it comes to computer security. With offices in Copenhagen, Skanderborg and London, the 80+ strong company, founded in Copenhagen in 2003, is dedicated to implementing and maintaining cyber security in a wide range of organisations and industries.

While CSIS puts all its efforts into providing actionable and intelligence-led detection and response services that enable comprehensive prevention, smooth incident response and end-to-end 24/7 managed security services, they needed a strong partner to make their services visible on a website that is modern, appealing and provides an experience that meets the needs and requirements of the users. This was the key reason for working with Avidly.





The biggest challenge CSIS faced was an outdated website that didn't match the UX they envisioned for their users and that potential customers didn't currently understand both the offering and the opportunities that come with working with an experienced cyber security provider.

Three key issues had to be addressed to realise the clear goal of a website that was user-friendly but also clear, modern and helpful in design and aimed to drive lead conversion.

The CMS, that no longer met the requirements of CSIS

The first hurdle was the CMS. CSIS was using the Umbraco CMS, which had more than reached its limits with the requirements of the computer security provider. The complicated administration of the CMS, inadequate back-end functions and lack of security features made the system difficult to use but also caused the second problem that needed to be tackled.

The lack of lead conversion

The most central nodes of the website, the product and service pages, were not leading to conversions due to the problems with the CMS. It was difficult to encourage conversions because of the limited functions available with the CMS. However, the capabilities of the automation software Mailchimp, which CSIS used, also favoured this problem.

The old design and lack of usability

In addition, there were many bugs and missing features on the website that impacted the user experience and made the website not only slow but also prone to errors.

Here's what they needed from Avidly HubSpot Solutions: 

  • A CMS that covers all necessary functions and is intuitive to use
  • Strategically adept planning from UX to SEO
  • A modern website design that meets the needs and requirements of the user journey and drives conversions
  • And a strong and reliable partner who not only assists with implementation, but also provides support and trusted advice

“The UK and Danish sales teams at Avidly have been great to work with, with Marie Mathiesen and Katie Shepherd providing exceptional assistance in selecting services and finalizing contracts. Also, it’s impossible not to mention the incomparable support by Nghiem Khong following the website launch. Her dedication has significantly enhanced our daily HubSpot experience, strengthening our post-launch relationship with Avidly and leading to improved user interactions and lead conversion.”

Russell Bragg Respect_(Green)_overlay

Ruzanna Muradiants,
Senior Marketing Partner


With the old CMS licence due to expire in August 2023, time was of the essence. CSIS recognised the urgent need for a robust solution that not only addressed the immediate challenges, but also aligned with the company's long-term goals. So, after the in-depth discovery, the solution to the first problem, the old CMS, was to switch to HubSpot CMS - which not only has the necessary back-end functionality, but also provides the required security features and is easy to use.

Critical to this solution was the strategic partnership with Avidly HubSpot Solutions, particularly through the expertise and guidance of dedicated Frontend Developer Christoffer Vølund. He established an environment of close collaboration and trust from the outset through ongoing conversations and careful planning sessions, where he outlined the roadmap for the transition to the HubSpot CMS, addressing each issue and ensuring it aligned with CSIS's goals. His expertise and technical guidance provided the CSIS team with unwavering confidence that moving to HubSpot CMS for their website relaunch was not only the right choice, but the optimal solution for their needs.

In parallel, the Avidly HubSpot Solutions team worked on numerous other key aspects of the website relaunch:

  • The development of an inbound-based website strategy that meets the requirements and needs of users and generates conversions.
  • A website design development that reflects these core elements and is visually appealing at the same time.
  • The planning, development and roll out of content for around 14 pages.
  • Design and development of 8 templates for different purposes, such as contact us, thank you pages, landing pages, blog articles, blog posts, terms and conditions and more.

The strong working relationship and trust between CSIS and Avidly HubSpot Solutions has paid off. The new website, with all the features and options required, was launched in September 2023. 

Results & Impact


What CSIS and Avidly HubSpot Solutions were able to achieve in just three months is remarkable. From a non-functioning CMS that could not fulfil the requirements and a cumbersome website to a new system and a brand new website - thanks to the close and trusting cooperation.


With HubSpot CMS, CSIS now has a functional, intuitive CMS that meets and even exceeds all of the computer security provider's expectations of a CMS. All the functions they need are available and it's easier than ever for the team to add new resources, revise existing ones, monitor performance and enable conversions.

A new, improved and more user-friendly Website

The website built with the new CMS has met all of CSIS's expectations. Thanks to a sophisticated website strategy, the inbound approach is baked into the structure of the site. This makes it easy for anyone looking for a solution to their individual computer security problem to find exactly the information they need to make an insight-driven decision.

Measurable Success Metrics:

These transformative changes have not only brought about a real improvement for users and employees. The data also speaks for itself:

  • The speed of the website has increased from 50 to 94 on the desktop and up to 73 on the mobile phone.
  • The Site Health has risen from 74% to 83%.
  • And the SEO ranking was also significantly improved by the website relaunch. 
Ongoing Collaboration and Growth:

Due to the results and successes achieved during the project, CSIS and Avidly HubSpot Solutions have continued their journey together. The initial website project has evolved into a long-term partnership, eventually leading to a collaboration that aims to use HubSpot as a centralised platform for all areas of CSIS. The positive experience with the CMS Hub has left a lasting impression on CSIS. As a result, they are now firmly convinced that HubSpot is the all-in-one solution they need to build a strong and reliable technology stack that is also user-friendly.

The first step in this direction will be the implementation of the Marketing Hub. This will not only allow them to reduce their Tech Stack in the future, but also to implement the very automation that is not yet possible with their current systems. A success story that shows what is possible when cooperation and partnership are based on mutual trust.

The journey with CSIS is far from over.



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