Solar Foods

Food for a better tomorrow.

Type: Commercialization & Branding
Client: Solar Foods
Deliverables: Strategy, Branding, Creative Concepts & Design, Digital Marketing, Social Media
Solar Foods

Purest protein in the world

Solar Foods is a Finnish food-tech startup that develops revolutionary innovations for the global food industry. With its revolutionary biotech solution Solein®, Solar Foods enables natural protein production anywhere by using air and electricity. The unique yet natural bioprocess of Solein provides a new platform technology for nutritious food ingredients, plant-based meat alternatives, or even cultured meat. Best of all, it's entirely free of agriculture and aquaculture – making it the purest protein in the world.

To find a suitably eye-catching story and content for its groundbreaking innovation, Solar Foods turned to Avidly. The food-tech industry is a competitive world. To reach its apex, you need to stand out. The mission was clear: to create a strong personality for the company that covers everything from the brand strategy to the brand identity, and beyond.


Strong identity for the company

The company's brand has been made an entity that appears to be a reliable research body for decision-makers, licensors and decision-makers in food companies. In addition, strong personal branding serves as a backbone in risk investing for key target groups.

In the face of a complex issue, it has been particularly important to manage and build a close relationship with their target groups. A wide variety of content has been created on digital channels, as well as a lot of content tailored to target groups for partner negotiations and pitches.


Index Award Winner 2019

The amount of global coverage serves as proof of the effectiveness of strategic communications. Solar Foods has garnered a wide range of attention in the international media. The company has also been listed in international competitions that reward revolutionary innovations, the most significant of which was the Index Award last year. The Index Award is often described as the “Nobel Prize for design”. Solar Foods has also earned a lot of column space in the extensive international media, e.g. CNN, BBC, Nikkei, Forbes, The Guardian, Vice, and the World Economic Forum.


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