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New design strengthened Kodiak Hub's position in the market

Type: Web design
Client: Kodiak Hub
Deliverables: Web design, Web development, Project management
Starting Point

Short about the collaboration

Kodiak Hub operates within supplier chain management and procurement, which falls within the area of ProcureTech. In conjunction with their new brand, Kodiak Hub wished  to redesign and restructure an underperforming website. They therefore chose to start a collaboration with Avidly. The result was a website that highlights Kodiak Hub's new brand and their unique position in the market.

– We saw the references to other projects Avidly had carried out. It became crucial for us and has proven to be a good choice, says Malin Schmidt, founder and CEO of Kodiak Hub.

Schmidt highlights the execution and design process as particularly well-functioning and impressive. The existing website no longer met the company's needs and guidelines. Kodiak Hub has a unique position in the market and they wanted to strengthen that by going in a different direction than the rest of the industry in terms of communication.


"Avidly have been brave"

Sam Jenks, Chief Growth Officer at Kodiak Hub, feels that Avidly's work has taken the company's brand further and strengthened their unique position in the market.

– The project was initially only going to be a new website, but our situation was that we had just been through a rebranding process and therefore had a visual identity that was not completely set. With Avidly, we were so lucky to get it "included in the purchase" when we chose them to design our new website, he says.

Malin Schmidt agrees and emphasizes that the collaboration and the results have met the expectations they had in advance.

– The most important thing for us is of course to bring out the value of the technology we deliver, not just focus on the technology itself. Avidly was quick to capture and use that in the design proposal to us. We are left with the feeling that they have been brave when it comes to design and layout, which we greatly appreciate, she says.

The Challenge

An underperforming website

Kodiak Hub's purpose is to give those who work in larger companies a tool that creates transparency and traceability in all parts of their supply chains. The aim is to simplify the working day for the purchasing organizations, develop the companies' relationships with their suppliers and support sustainable working methods and innovation that are run together with suppliers. The tool itself is so well-functioning that Kodiak Hub has a very low customer dropout rate. It simply covers a great need for many companies.

The challenge for Kodiak Hub, however, was that their website did not perform well enough. The users did not take the right actions and found it difficult to get an overview of the tool's properties.

 – Our website did not perform well enough. We were not happy with the bounce rate, the general user-friendliness, the page structure or the degree of conversion and entered into the collaboration with Avidly with a clear goal: more conversions, says Jenks.

"Stine and Victoria have been very generous throughout the project and shared their expertise and experience. It has been very important for me as a marketer!"

Sam Jenks, Chief Growth Officer, Kodiak Hub
The insight

Top three learnings


Kodiak Hub has received a lot in return for relying on Avidly's expertise in design, execution and project management.


The project participants have taken the time to share their expertise and experience - marketer to marketer.


Kodiak Hub has got a website that presents better, has a lower bounce rate and creates more conversions.

The solution

New design and website in HubSpot

The solution was to redesign the website and move it from WordPress to HubSpot. Kodiak Hub entered the collaboration with high expectations. Malin Schmidt emphasizes that they had expectations that Avidly would be proactive and come up with new, creative proposals and ideas, in addition to good and steady project management.

– It was also very important for us to stay within the timeline and budget. We needed the new website to be ready relatively quickly, adds Sam Jenks.

Victoria Nerem, digital designer at Avidly, has been responsible for the design of Kodiak Hub's new website. She says that the work on the website began with a comprehensive restructuring of the site.

– To solve the challenges Kodiak Hub experienced, we had to restructure the entire website based on insights the client had on how their target group used the site. In this case, it meant reducing the number of pages and shortening them considerably, adding more conversion points and making the path to the goal as short as possible. In addition, Kodiak Hub did a lot of work on restructuring all their content, she says.

It was also important that the new website could be scaled as needed. Stine Pettersen, project manager at Avidly, emphasizes that HubSpot was a suitable solution for just this. Both Jenks and Schmidt from Kodiak Hub agree.

– I am very happy with HubSpot CMS, says Schmidt.

The insight

"We have really been able to trust Avidly"

– The most important lesson I take with me from this project is the value of relying on the expertise of the experts. We have received a lot in return for having a great deal of trust in Avidly in this project, both in terms of design, execution and project management, says Jenks.

He also adds that he has greatly appreciated everything he has gained from the unplanned conversations before and after meetings with Avidly.

– I must add that Avidly is the first partner I have had who has taken responsibility for small errors along the way and immediately made suggestions on how they can be corrected. If any of us discovered a bug or something similar, there was never any talk of anything other than Avidly fixing it right away.

Both Victoria Nerem and Stine Pettersen agree that there has been a good collaboration and highlight Kodiak Hub as very knowledgeable and experienced.

– It has been a trusting project. We have worked closely together as a team. There has been mutual respect between all parties and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity and the trust to be an advisory partner for Kodiak Hub, says Nerem.

The result

"As promised, we have achieved a lower bounce rate and more conversions"

Now that the new website has been launched, Jenks sees that the work is yielding results as desired.

– We have a website that presents better, lower bounce rate and more conversions. In parallel with the launch of the new website, we also hired a new Growth Manager who is involved in performance marketing, which is going better than ever because we can run ads that lead to a better website, Jenks tells. 

In addition to the website performing better, Kodiak Hub has also received a flexible, modern and user-friendly CMS that can be easily scaled up as needed and a design that sets them apart from their competitors.



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