Two-figure growth numbers in sales and site visitors.

Type: Marketing outsourcing
Client: Värisilmä
Deliverables: Strategy, CX & Personalization, Creative Consepts & Design, Media & Channels, Web development, Data & Measurement
Finland's leading chain specialized in interior decoration materials

Värisilmä has a unique role and opportunity to enhance the comfort of homes and public spaces and together we increase people's happiness by making Finland more comfortable and valuable.

As their lead-agency, we are responsible for their entire marketing from strategic marketing planning to digital marketing campaigns and website maintenance. 




The Approach

The starting point of our cooperation was to create a completely new and effective model of marketing and sales. We constantly plan, implement and measure the effectiveness of cooperation and especially marketing and communication. Broad lines of the cooperation and monitoring of strategic goals are reviewed in the marketing group, which meets once a quarter. The practical work is done in sprint meetings, where we will go through the priorities for the next month together.

Together we’ve also been packing Värisilmä's solid expertise in new, target group centric ways. One good example of new services is the Tunnetila service.

During the four years of working together, we’ve developed Värisilmä’s marketing more coherent, measureable and digital and taken customer experience to the next level.

+44% Website visitors in 2020
+78% Värisilmä webstore sales
+70% Booked service appointments 2020

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